The Lipstick That Changed Everything


I never considered lipstick as the starring role in my makeup bag until a few years ago. I was browsing my local CVS and a bright coral tube caught my eye. I tossed it in my basket, paid, and drove home wondering if I would ever wear it.


Once I arrived at home, I unwrapped the tube from its packaging and applied my new lipstick. I was wearing a simple white t-shirt and jeans as I put the color on my lips. White has never been a flattering hue on my fair skin tone; however, this new lipstick paired perfectly with the white t-shirt. Suddenly, my skin started glowing, my eyes sparkled, and my teeth looked whiter. I was no longer washed out. I felt like Snow White and admired my pale skin (for the first time in a while).


I emerged from the mirror with a newfound confidence. This lipstick was my gateway to looking and feeling better about myself. It sounds silly, but it’s true! A good lipstick can change the way you see yourself. You can get this Wet N Wild orange matte lipstick for $3.78 here.

Notes about the product: Be sure to apply foundation and an orange lip pencil on lips before applying the lipstick. Bring this color with you every time you visit the ladies’ room as it might need a touch-up every 2 hours.



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