Reviewing Face Masks from Trader Joe’s

When I shop at Trader Joe’s, I always look for unexpected finds. Today’s grocery haul did not disappoint. The best treasure I found today was the Face Mask Trio: Refresh|Renew|Restore. The price was a mere $6.99 in store. The only caveat is that it isn’t available online unless you want to try Ebay. 

If you have a Trader Joe’s in your local area, I highly recommend you pick this up for yourself or as an easy Christmas, White Elephant, or Birthday gift. The 3 masks can be given together or split up among 3 friends.


Descriptions of the Masks

First, the blue mask is the Refresh Clay Detox Mask. Made with Bentonite clay and Kaolin earth clay, it promises to remove impurities and deeply cleanses skin. I would recommend using this mask once a month if you have acne or blackheads and especially around that time of the month when skin is more oily from hormones.

Next, the yellow mask is the Renew Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Mask with aloe juice and pineapple and papaya extracts. It claims to gently exfoliate and replenish skin. I plan to use this mask once a week as an exfoliation treatment. In my experience, the key to glowing skin is to exfoliate and shed the the dead skin cells.

Last, the pink mask is the Restore Rose Gel Mask. This mask can hydrate and tone skin with rose flower extract and rose flower oil. This mask will be my travel buddy as it will be the most effective for jet-lagged skin or even after a long night out. Even if I’m tired and feeling stretched thin from sleep deprivation or travel fatigue, I can take care of my skin by smoothing on this mask once I have a minute to myself.

Testing out the Masks

Since there are 3 masks, I reached out to my best friend Ryllis to test them out with me. We always have fun when we’re together and a face mask party sounded like a good idea for a Wednesday night. She came over and we studied each tube carefully. After much deliberation, I chose the pink Restore Rose Gel Mask and Ryllis chose the Renew Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Mask.


My first impression of the pink mask was the small size. Each mask only has 2 ounces of product, so each mask might last about 6 uses for 6 months. After cleansing and removing foundation, blush, and concealer from my face, I applied a thick layer of the creamy gel onto my skin. It felt cool and almost icy to the touch. This mask literally felt soothing, probably due to the pleasant rose scent. I have really sensitive, reactive skin, but this mask worked well on my delicate skin! My esthetician would be shocked! I did not experience any redness at all.

I left it on for 10 minutes. Once I rinsed it off, my skin was super smooth. The delicate rose scent lingered for the rest of the day and I felt like my skin was glowing! Besides the natural glow, the mask absolutely shrunk my pores, especially on my nose. When I woke up this morning, my skin tone looked brighter, my fine lines (yes, I have some in my 20s) looked less noticeable, and my makeup went on much smoother. My forehead feels like  baby skin, y’all!


My friend Ryllis chose the yellow Renew Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Mask. She has dry skin and was curious to see how this mask could help with skin exfoliation. She said that the mask gel was cooling and had a light pineapple scent. The gel itself appeared pinkish yellow. Ryllis applied a thin layer on her face and waited for 10 minutes. When it was time to wash off the mask, it had completely dried and almost soaked into her skin. Once she washed it off, her skin was clear and radiant. Ryllis has beautiful skin and this mask shed the dead skin cells to make it look even brighter than before. She also claimed that her pores appeared smaller.

Before the Mask


After the Mask


Seriously, look how happy we are with these results! Plus, masks are way more fun with friends!

Is this Mask Trio worth trying?

After reviewing this mask trio set, I definitely recommend it for 2 main reasons:

  • The price point of $6.99 can’t be beat
  • The variety of masks accommodates for all skin types




4 thoughts on “Reviewing Face Masks from Trader Joe’s

  1. Thanks for the review. Any updates after using the masks for a while? Have you stuck with them?

    1. Hey, Paige. Yes, 8 months later, I still use them. I am almost done with all three. I use them each once a week. The clay mask is my favorite for clearing up chin acne, the rose one is hydrating, and the pineapple mask makes my skin look glowy. Such a good value, too.

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