Finds of the Month: December 2017

Every month, I treat myself to a few new goodies. I am very much a minimalist and hate clutter, so I put a lot of thought into what I bring into my home. Since I am especially excited about my new-to-me goodies this month, I’m going to share them with you. Maybe you’ll be inspired to run out and treat yourself to one of these items, too!

This month, my new treasures include 2 pairs of comfy shoes, a cozy shawl, a pair of warm socks, and 2 beauty products: a makeup setting spray and (of-course) a new lipstick.

The first find of the month is this colorful shawl from Upper Eastside Nashville, a local boho boutique in East Nashville.


This shawl is lightweight yet warm. The owner of the boutique said that they are handmade, so I was fine with taking it home for $65. I love supporting local businesses and handmade clothing brands because I can develop relationships with them and have a go-to brand in town. Since I can’t find it linked on their website, you can call and ask if they have any more available!Again, you can shop it here:Upper Eastside Nashville.

Below, I’m wearing it for a coffee date with a friend. As you can see, it is longer in the back. I just adore this silhouette. It feels very bohemian chic.

When I bought this unique shawl, I also had my eye on a gray, flowy, thermal top at Upper Eastside Nashville. This top is super warm and so soft on my skin. I tend to wear a lot of neutral colors so I can let my lipstick be the touch of color in my daily look. Alas, I have a lot of neutrals in my closet, so this purchase was inevitable! The fabric is thick and absolutely worth the price of $39. The brand is “By Together” and you can find it in white here.

Besides the winter clothes I found this December, I also treated myself to 2 new-to-me pairs of shoes. The reason I say that they are new-to-me is because I bought them at a thrift store! With a discerning eye and a bit of patience, you can find like-new clothes and shoes at thrift stores. My go-to thrift store in Nashville is Plato’s Closet in White Bridge. There’s also Goodwill, but I haven’t been bold enough to go there yet! The first pair of shoes I bought are these green boots pictured below.


These army green rain boots are ideal for winter sleet and rainy days. I kind of feel like a Pacific North Westerner in them, ready to slosh through any crazy rain that comes my way.  On a practical note, I did not own rain boots (that I cared for) until now! They have a tomboy-vibe and the green color is neutral. As for the price, I traded in old clothes that I don’t wear anymore, so these were FREE (priced at $20 used)with my trade at Plato’s. This is how bargains are found, y’all! These from Target are very similar for $34.99. See below for another photo of the rain boots.


Besides these practical winter boots, I finally ended my 2 month search for the perfect pair of clogs. These clogs (pictured below) are made by the Swedish brand Mia and they usually run for $65-100. I have always admired them online, but never wanted to pay that amount for a trendy shoe. With that said, imagine my surprise when I saw a pair of Mia clogs at Plato’s Closet in my size for $10! I immediately snapped them up and have been wearing them out to dinner ever since. Hopefully, my shoe luck will rub off on y’all because thrifting is all about being at the right shop at the right time. Clogs are pictured below.


The last article of clothing that I found this month is this pack of socks from Hue for $7.  The pack comes in the perfect shades of gray and cream. They look really cute with Toms Boots or clogs with tights and a dress. They keep my feet warm and I highly recommend them as a stocking stuffer! See socks below (photo credit: DSW)


Besides the clothes and shoes, I also treated myself to 2 new beauty products. The first beauty product I bought is the Sephora Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray. I bought this with a birthday gift card (shout out to Ryllis and Peggy) as a recommendation from a friendly associate from my local Green Hills Mall Sephora. She told me that Sephora’s makeup setting spray is just as effective as the cult favorite Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. Their in-house brand is a very similar formula, but costs half the price at $16! This setting spray works like a charm. With 2 quick spritzes on my face, it preserves my makeup and helps it last longer throughout the day. You can find it here. The setting spray is pictured below.


The second beauty product I purchased this month is the Maybelline Color Sensational Loaded Bolds lipstick in “Gone Griege.” Maybelline needs to go ahead and sign me on as their new beauty spokesperson because I LOVE this drugstore brand so much. This lipstick is creamy, moisturizing, and long-lasting. The color is saturated and the coverage is full. I recommend wearing this lip color with gray or brown clothing to emphasize the moody shade. The shade “Gone Greige” is a darker neutral with a hints of grey, brown, and purple. You can find it here for $7.50.

Isn’t this the perfect dark neutral lip color for winter? Even my husband noticed it and told me I looked pretty.  See below for one more photo of the lipstick.


Well, there you have it! These are my finds of the month for December. I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe you will try the Maybelline lipstick, too! What have you discovered this month? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. Loving this blog, Jordan!! Xoxo 💋 Nahed

    1. Thank you, Nahed! I appreciate your support! <3

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