Beauty Subscription Box Review: Ricky’s Cult Crushes

Today, I am reviewing the Ricky’s Cult Crushes beauty box, which is a monthly subscription box full of 5 goodies, like makeup, skincare, and hair care products. This is my first experience with this subscription box and it’s honestly lived up to my expectations. I have always eyed this beauty box, but never signed up for the $11/month service.

Much to my surprise, my bff Ryllis gave me a 6 month subscription to this service as a Christmas present! How sweet is she? Keep reading for my honest review…


I received my first Cult Crush box a few days ago, on the very day that Ryllis told me that she ordered it for me! It was such a thrill to come home that night and see the box waiting for my on my doorstep.

Now, let’s get to the fun part of this review! I tested out each item and have shared my thoughts below.

When the box arrived, it came with this greeting card with a description of each product.


The first product I noticed was a FULL SIZE Say Hello to Sexy Legs Body Butter.  Immediately, I pulled this out of the box and unscrewed the lid to discover the vanilla floral scent of this shea butter-formulated cream. It has a shimmery yet subtle finish with light-reflecting particles. I think this cream will be perfect for my neck, chest, and arms for a date night. It smells divine and my husband even commented on it! This cream is my new go-to hand cream! Did I mention that this body butter retails for $35? Good job, Ricky’s Cult Crushes. This one is a keeper.

The next product I pulled out was the Pearlbar Natural Whitening Toothpaste. Frankly, I’m never thrilled to see a foil sample in subscription boxes because it doesn’t hold much product and it only yields a one-time use. Even so, I love this addition to the box! I consider dental care to be a crucial part of my beauty routine. This toothpaste smells like peppermint and includes activated charcoal in the ingredients for a whiter smile.  After I applied some on my Sonicare toothbrush and brushed away, it definitely cleaned my teeth, but I not sure that they are any whiter. Since I don’t see fluoride in the formula, I would never use this on a daily basis. However, I’d consider using this once a week as a pick-me-up for my teeth. I wonder what the long-term results would look like…White teeth are essential for lipstick enthusiasts like me! A full size tube of this toothpaste retails for $13.99.  IMG_4057

The third item I found in my box was the FULL SIZE Frankie Rose Lip Gloss in “Pearl.” Since I love lipsticks, I was ecstatic to welcome a new tube of color to my collection! This lip gloss is thick and moisturizing with a hint of gold glitter and sheer coverage. Now, it is a bit sticky, but I don’t mind because I almost never wear lip gloss. I’m more of a matte girl.  Even so, this is a treat! It smells like vanilla and it retails for $16. Again, good job Ricky’s!img_4060.jpg

The fourth item in the box was Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow in an aquamarine trio. At first glance, I was taken aback by the tiny size! This little insert is no larger than a silver dollar. Furthermore, I wondered if I could pull off this bright blue palette.  When I dipped my brush into the small pan of eyeshadow, I noticed that it has a sheer finish. This means that it is super blendable and subtle. Check and check! Surprisingly, I like this eyeshadow because of the sheer, wearable color and it pairs beautifully with the lip gloss. An Englot eyeshadow insert like this retails for $7. Scroll down to the bottom for swatches and my makeup look with these products.IMG_4063

The fifth and final item I received in my box was a sample foil packet of GlamGlow GlowStarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer-Pearl. This product is a face cream with hyaluronic acid and iridescent pearl particles that make your skin look dewy and luminous. When I applied this cream on my face, I did notice the shimmer in the formula. I wish I had mixed this cream with my foundation for a glowy effect. If you get your hands on this face cream, try my tip!

Would I buy this myself? Probably not. I am extremely picky about my face cream, so I don’t think I will ever purchase this. I have sensitive skin and only use the skincare products that my esthetician suggests (If you are wondering, we both swear by Murad and Cerave). IMG_4058

Before I share my final thoughts, I have included a swatch photo below. The Inglot blue eyeshadow colors are on the top half. The last swatch on the bottom is the Frankie Rose lip gloss. As you can see, all of these products feature a sheer finish.


All in all, I absolutely loved my first Ricky’s Cult Crushes beauty box! I really appreciate that they included products that you can use in your entire routine, including toothpaste, body butter, face cream, eye shadow, and lip gloss. These are practical products that I will use and enjoy! It feels even sweeter knowing that they were sent to me as a gift from my bff!

Below, I have included a photo of myself wearing all the products. As you can see the eyeshadow, lip gloss, and illuminating moisturizer have a bit of a mermaid vibe with the blue and gold color scheme. It is subtle, but pretty.


So, what do you think of the Ricky’s Cult Crushes beauty box? Would you use these items? What’s your favorite beauty subscription box? Tell me in the comments below!

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