Four Fun Things This Week

It’s only Wednesday and I’ve already had such a full week! Since this week is particularly fun and busy, I want to share four things that have been making me happy.

1. Seeing the film Call Me By Your Name with my best friend Ryllis.

Armie Hammer in Call Me by Your Name (2017)
Photo Credit: IMDB

We caught the 7pm showing on a cold Monday night and settled in for such a picturesque love story. The plot pacing felt so much like falling in love: a slow buildup during the crush phase and then, all of a sudden, rushing into a whirlwind of excitement and passion. Directed by Luca Guadagnino, this film takes place in 1983 Italy as a real, raw, love story between two young men. Besides the gorgeous cinematography, I love the sounds of the film and the way the film felt. I am completely enchanted by how the characters switch from Italian to French to English so flawlessly.

My mom and I love to flip our languages from French to English (and a few German phrases) and it made me miss my mom for that very reason (she lives 6 hours away). When you’re in a multilingual family , it’s so comforting to just express how you feel with the words that match what you want to say. There are phrases in French and German that just express a feeling or emotion much better than English, especially with humor.

Besides the beauty of the languages spoken in the movie, the soundtrack is so dreamy. It’s a mix of 1980s French and Italian pop with a few Sufjan Stevens tracks that will leave you feeling nostalgic for that “first love”. You can listen to it on Spotify here. My current favorite is “E’ la Vita” by Marco Armani. It just makes me feel like sunshine is pouring through the window of my apartment on a Saturday morning. It sounds like a warm hug.


2. Discovering Tazo Dessert Delights Tea at Kroger and drinking it after dinner

Image result for tazo vanilla bean macaron tea
Photo Credit: Amazon

I discovered the Tazo Vanilla Bean Macaron Tea at my local Kroger last Saturday and have been brewing it daily ever since. It smells like warm cookies and tastes like a vanilla tea blend. It has zero sugar and satisfies my sweet tooth. I highly recommend it if you want a healthier dessert alternative. Tazo makes other delicious flavors, too, like Glazed Lemon Loaf and Butterscotch Blondie. They are delicately flavored, yet deeply satisfying.


3. My Weekly Coffee Date with my sweet friend Andreaimg_0128.jpg

Every week, my friend Andrea and I like to explore a new-to-us coffee/tea shop in Nashville. We have already tried out Cafe Roze, Barista Parlor, Red Bicycle Cafe, Atmalogy, High Garden, and Frothy Monkey. Andrea chose Portland Brew in 12 South and we shared funny stories over apple cider and hazelnut decaf. Having low-key plans after work helps me get through the day if it’s particularly stressful. Next week, we might try Steadfast Coffee. Such a fun thing we have going!


4. Dancing with my husband in our living room

Jordan and Charlie Tokyo Honeymoon (36 of 96)
Photo Credit: Andrew Faulk

My husband Charlie and I have this habit of dancing mindlessly in our living room. Often times, there is no music playing, but we just give each other impromptu bear hugs that morph into dancing. Sometimes, it looks and feels like a slow dance with everything else fading away. Other times, it’s a dance-off with crazy ninja kicks and embarrassing moves that no one should ever attempt. Either way, it makes me happy and we laugh a lot. It makes me feel like we just met yesterday, but knew each other in another lifetime. These moments get me through the day and I’m grateful to have someone who feels like an extension of myself.











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