Her Beauty Behavior: My sister-in-law Liz

You know those special people in your life who just look pulled-together and poised all the time? That’s how I see Liz, my sister-in -law. I love exchanging beauty tips and lifestyle advice with her and would love to share what I learned with y’all!

This is a new series called Her Beauty Behavior, in which I interview my beautiful friends and raid their beauty cabinets. Keep reading to learn more about Liz and her daily routine, self-care rituals, and overall approach to life. I hope y’all like this new series, because it sure is fun to write!


About Liz

Liz is a 31 year-old Oncology nurse from Nashville, TN. She is currently getting her Masters in Nursing at Duke University to become a Nurse Practitioner.

The Interview

Jordan: Let’s start with your skincare. What’s your daily skincare routine?

Liz:I wash my face every A.M. and P.M. since 6th grade because my mom made me (laughs). Now I thank her for it because my skin is in great shape. I use Proactiv at night and Neutrogena cleanser in the morning. Another tip from my mom was to start using spf in my early 20s. I use La Roche-Posay Anthelios Suncreen Fluid as my daily moisturizer. It’s like superhuman spf. Very powerful.


Jordan: Tell me about your makeup routine.

Liz:It’s a 5 minutes or less routine every morning. It’s simple and mostly of Bobby Brown products. So I don’t use foundation, I just use a touch of bronzer. A really small amount of each product to look fresh faced. Bronzer,mascara eyeliner on top lid,cream eyeshadow stick in a rose color to make my hazel eyes stand out, powder blush. I add eyeliner on bottom and a pop of lipstick color for night time. I use a special brunette mascara for my brows. I don’t pluck my brows at all. I plucked too much in college and they stopped growing (laughs). For my everyday lipstick, a favorite is Mac Lipstick “Brick-o-la” (pictured below).


Jordan:What a pretty neutral lipstick! You have such a pretty smile!

Liz: Aww, thanks! I was the first girl to get braces in 5th grade on my top row. Fun fact: when I’m at work, my most complimented feature is my teeth!


Jordan:Let’s talk about your lip colors.

Liz: I like to wear all the lipsticks that you gave me (laughs). My go-to is a bright red for going out because it is an accessory. My style is classic with a twist, I wear a lot of neutral colors in my closet and the red just pops.




Jordan:How about your morning routine?

Liz:I like to have my “quiet time,” where I wake up an extra 30 minutes early to drink coffee and read from a spiritual book. In my journal, I write down my prayers and things I’m grateful for. I learned this from my mom.


Jordan:How about your night time routine?

I wash my face with Proactiv. I shower at night. I like to massage my skin with Thistle Farms Body Butter in lavender. It relaxes me and helps me get ready for bed. I like to read or meditate, also.


Jordan: Lavender is so relaxing! What about your haircare routine?

Liz: Less is more, meaning I try not to wash it more than 2x a week. Dry shampoo is my new bff, the brand is Not Your Mother’s. I either diffuse my hair or I use my Beachwaver. I don’t use hairspray. Volume has never been a problem as my hair type is thin but voluminous!


Jordan: Would you mind sharing your self-care rituals?

Liz:I do my quiet time in the A.M., I meditate at nigh.t I recently started doing 4-7-8 Breathing, and yoga classes at the Y.


Jordan: Favorite scents/perfume?

Liz: Lavender, incense, La Vie Est Belle by Lancome—I confess that I bought it more for the name than the scent. It’s floral.


Jordan: How do you relax?

Liz:I like to play the guitar and sing. I love to read spiritual books, like The Art of Power by Thich Nhat Hanh. I frequent the library every few weeks for new spiritual books. I really like Brené Brown because she is down to earth and real with hard topics.


Jordan: I’m gonna have to take those recommendations! Who are your beauty inspirations and why?

Liz: My mom Peggy because she is an example of timeless beauty. The most beautiful thing of all is having a full and centered life. I get complimented on my skin by my coworkers. I say that it comes from within and I get those compliments because I’m serving others and doing what I love. Beauty comes from the inside out.


Jordan:What do you love most about your beauty behavior?

Liz:I like that my routine makes me feel refreshed and it’s easy! 



Thanks, Liz! If you enjoyed learning about Liz’s beauty behavior, tell me about it in the comments below! Isn’t she wonderful?


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  1. So sweet, Jordan! Well done!

  2. Love this! What a great interview, Jordan—and what an inspiration, Liz! 😉

  3. Caroline Patterson February 17, 2018 — 2:50 pm

    Love reading this about Liz! Beautiful on the inside and out!

  4. fantastic post and this is a great idea!

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