Four Fun Things This Week

This week is full of adventures, so I’d like to share what I’ve been up with y’all! This week, I’m sharing a meal idea, two experiences, and one revelation. Keep reading to see what I’m up to!

Fondue Night at Home

In the wintertime, I enjoy eating hearty meals, like stews and, occasionally, fondue. I have this fondue set and use it a few times a year. Entertaining with fondue is a slam-dunk every time and this occasion was especially fun because my friend Katie was in town for the weekend.  For my husband Charlie, Ryllis, and Katie, we made a 3 course meal. For the appetizer, we dipped cubes of baguette and crudité in fondue cheese with a splash of white wine. For the main course, we cooked little cubes of sirloin and mushroom ravioli in a Coq au Vin broth. Finally for dessert, Ryllis made a S’mores chocolate fondue, paired with bananas, strawberries, and the tiniest slice of cheesecake for dipping. It was delicious and festive for this cold month. If you have any go-to fondue recipes, please drop them in the comments below!


The Escape Game: Classified

The morning after our Fondue night at home, we piled in the car and played the Classified Escape Game at The Escape Game Nashville and finished it with 15 minutes to spare! So far, we have escaped from 3 themed rooms: Gold Rush, Mission: Mars, and Classified. I won’t tell you anything about the rooms, but they are challenging and tend to bring out the best in you (if  you like working in groups). I personally love decoding puzzles and finding hidden clues since I’m such a visual learner. Have you tried an Escape Game?

The Enneagram Personality Test

Ryllis came over a few nights ago to hangout and asked me if I had ever taken the Enneagram personality test. I have taken the Myers-Briggs test in the past (I’m an INFJ, which is the rarest type, apparently), but had never heard of this one. So, I took the quiz and discovered that I am an  Achiever (you can see a description of each type here), which was a surprise to no one (laughs). I found out that Ryllis is an Individualist, and my friend Katie is a Helper.  Finally, my husband Charlie is a Peacemaker, which I’m incredibly grateful for (seriously, he is so laidback). It is pretty uncanny how accurate the descriptions are. So tell me, what’s your enneagram? Take the quiz here to find out!

Predators Hockey Game

This Thursday, I’m going to a hockey game with Charlie’s family. I look forward to these all winter because we get a beer, watch for a bit, and head over to The Palm restaurant for dinner. I love the Hearts of Palm salad with a few vegetable sides and a glass or two of Prosecco. Cheers to elevating a mundane Thursday night with a sports event and steakhouse dinner!

Photo Credit at top: Paul Rowland Photography

What are you up to this week? Tell me about it below.


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