Three Fun Things This Week

Steadfast Coffee Soda

This week, I’ve discovered a new coffee drink at Steadfast Coffee over in Germantown. If you haven’t tried the Coffee Soda, you are missing out! My friend Andrea and I sampled it before we ordered it. If you’re curious,   it’s a fizzy, orange-flavored soda with a smoky coffee flavor. Served on the rocks, this drink will either captivate or torture your taste buds. It also depends on your taste. If you want something bubbly with a caffeine kick, go treat yourself at this light-filled café!


Meet Cute book

I was browsing my local bookstore when this adorable cover caught my eye. It’s called Meet Cute and it’s an anthology of original short stories about “how they first met.” This collection of love stories is written by several popular YA authors. So far, it’s my go-to book for light reading before bed and I’m savoring every cute story!

Jordan book 3.18.18-1

Costco White Jeans

Yep, you read that right. These white jeans came from Costco! Crazy stuff! I usually just go to this bulk retailer for large quantities of Larabars and salad, but they hooked and reeled me in with these pants! I’m wearing a size 4 and they feel just like the J.Crew Toothpick white jeans, but for a fraction of the cost. If you need crisp, white jeans for spring and summer, go snag these Jessica Simpson jeans for $15! They have just the right amount of stretch and the length is perfect.

Jordan 3.18.18-11

Jordan 3.18.18-10

So, tell me: How was your week? Have you tried the coffee soda? Have you ever purchased anything from the clothing section at Costco? What did you do this week?

2 thoughts on “Three Fun Things This Week

  1. I need to find this drink!!! Like its calling my name haha. I will be on the hunt for it! I love that little book it looks so cute, I was intrigued by it when you posted it on Instagram. I own zero white jeans or jeggings. I find that I an NEVER take proper care of them!!

  2. I need to find this drink!! Like its calling my name. Never heard of it so now I am on the hunt for it! The book is super cute you had me intrigued about it on Instagram!! As for white jeans and jeggings, I stopped buying them because I can never take care of them no matter how hard I try! haha

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