Guest Post from Brunch Speak: 5 Simple Self-Care Methods You Should Consider

Howdy! I am Ashley from Brunch Speak, a recent transplant enjoying all Nashville has to offer. When I am not working in corporate America or exploring the city with friends, I am writing on the blog where you can find topics ranging from relationships to culture, wellness, and career. On today’s article for My Lipstick Letters, I share my must-try self-care routines. I hope they work for you as well as they work for me!


With that changing of the seasons, Nashville is alive and bustling again. My social calendar is filling up with warm-weather festivals, patio gatherings, and visits from friends. However, if you’re anything like me, all the “go-go-go” paired with spring allergies has a tendency to overwhelm my immune system. In order to keep my mind and body running with my busy schedule, I make it a point to prioritize my self-care routine. These are a few of my personal “tried and true” methods for staying well.

Do Something Active Once a Day

I am a firm believer that active bodies stay in motion and always feel my best when following a consistent workout routine. I am a “regular” at Hotbox Fitness in the Gulch, alternating between their killer (heated!) kickboxing and strength training classes. When I am not feeling an intense fitness session, I throw on my headphones and go for a walk or jog around the neighborhood. Something is always better than nothing, especially when paired with some of your favorite music.  

All-Natural Boosters

About once a week, you will see me at the I Love Juice bar downing shots of wheat grass, ginger, and the like. I am also a huge fan of homemade parsley tea, as it has many detoxifying benefits. Fueling my body with homemade immunity boosters always leaves me feeling extra healthy and prepared for any illness that may be around the corner.


Practice Moderation

When it’s 70 and sunny outside, wanting to enjoy a cold beer, or three, can be tempting. Knowing that being social tends to go hand-in-hand with “eating ugly” and drinking alcohol, I try to maintain a true foods diet during the weekdays and indulge guilt-free on the weekends. It’s all about balance. As a former Whole30’er, I try to cut out what isn’t necessary as much as I can without missing out on any fun. My skin ALWAYS thanks me for restricting my sugar intake and you’d be surprised how much energy you have from eating clean.

Love the Skin You’re In

Speaking of skin… Outside of getting plenty of beauty rest (I totally sleep with an eye mask) and drinking tons of water, at-home spa days are a great pick-me-up. Once a week, I steam my face and follow it up with an easy Bentonite Clay mask that works WONDERS for calming, cleaning, and tightening pores. The recipe I follow is below:


*Mix ingredients together and apply to face. Leave on for 20 minutes. Follow-up with toner, serum, and moisturizer.



Listen to Your Body

At the end of the day, I truly believe this step is most important part of self-care. Whether it’s overcoming FOMO and enjoying an afternoon nap instead or treating yourself to a massage, doing what “feels” right always is always rewarding. Protecting your “you” time is the best gift you can give yourself.


Do you have any similar self-care habits? What routines do you follow?


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