Finds of the Month: March 2018

This month, I felt caught between the two seasons of Winter and Spring. My wintry purchases include some artisanal teas to sip on during chilly nights and some pink velvet heels to pair with my camel coat and a warm turtleneck. Even though it is still freezing in Nashville right now, I also bought a swimsuit in anticipation for warmer weather and received the prettiest tub of lemon cream for fruit parfaits on warmer days. Keep reading to see where I got these fun finds of the month!

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Bella Cucina Artful Food Preserved Lemon Cream

This $12 lemon cream was a gift from Peggy, my mother-in-law. She included this adorable little treat among a pastel bag full of Easter treats. She suggested that I mix a bit of the lemon cream with some whipped cream and spoon it over a bowl of berries. Sounds like a delicious and light after-dinner treat, if you ask me! Have you ever tried this?

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Marc Fischer Velvet Heels

I purchased these velvet ankle-strap heels from Thred Up. They are the epitome of a perfect winter pastel piece. The blush pink color immediately caught my eye and the velvet material is on trend. Even better, these shoes were second-hand yet barely worn! I only paid $13 for these Marc Fischer heels! Have you browsed Thred Up yet? You can get designer clothing for a fraction of the price. I kinda want to keep this secret to myself, but I want y’all to enjoy the bargains, too! The shoe section has featured so many trendy styles lately , like mules, platforms, and clogs. Do you ever shop second-hand? If you are consistent with your browsing, you can snap up gems like these velvet heels!

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Tea Selections from Spice & Tea Merchants

On my recent trip to Asheville, NC with Charlie, we happened upon this quaint tea shop. Inside, we browsed wall-to-wall jars of tea and spices. After much deliberation and opening many jars to smell the teas, I decided on Matcha, White Pear, and Tokyo. The most interesting flavor is definitely Tokyo, a green and herbal blend with toasted sesame seeds and caramel flavors. We want to gift the Tokyo tea to our friend Aimee, since she is an avid green tea drinker. You can browse the teas here.

France One-Piece Swim Suit

I was browsing Forever 21 one evening when this France suit came into view. Charlie glanced over at the suit as I was deciding whether or not I should buy it, and he said he was a fan. With his rare approval of my swimsuit selection (laughs-I can be a bit flashy and extra), I bit the bullet and purchased it. It fits true to size and is a bit high-waisted for a 90s feel. I can’t wait to wear it by the pool with a big straw hat and red lipstick, of course. Since I speak French, it only feels natural that I possess a suit that represents a country that I’m so fond of! You can get it here for $23.

As you can see, I’m still embracing the warmer clothes and cozy tea of winter this month. Have you started swim suit shopping yet, too? What new things did you discover this month?

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