Four Fun Things This Week

Spring Break came so late this year, but it was well worth the wait. I have so many highlights from this week, but I’ll just share 4 moments that really stood out. From a visually stunning film and a spontaneous wine tasting to yummy crawfish and an 8 hour shopping bender, this week was definitely a sensory experience! Keep reading to see what I enjoyed this week.

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Biltmore Wine Tasting in Asheville, NC

Eager to celebrate Spring Break, Charlie and I traveled to Asheville for a weekend getaway. While in town, we spent a morning touring the Biltmore grounds and were pleasantly surprised to learn that our admissions tickets included a wine tasting. To be honest, we had low expectations, but were blown away by the entire experience! Our sommelier was warm and friendly and we sampled 6 different wines each. I sampled some whites,  a rosé, a malbec, and a pinot noir. Charlie sampled every red he could: cabernet, merlot, syrah, and pinot noir. There was no pressure to buy, but I felt smitten with a sweet, honey-like Chenin Blanc and Charlie took home a Merlot. I know that this is an incredibly popular destination, but have you tried the wine tasting experience? I can’t recommend it enough!


Photo Credit: New York Times

Isle of Dogs Movie, Directed by Wes Anderson

We saw this stop-motion Wes Anderson film last Saturday night and I absolutely loved it, as I knew I would. Charlie and I geek out over Wes Anderson’s signature visual style of clean lines, symmetry, and wide shots. The pastel palette of his films contrasts with the darker humor and his whimsical fonts add charm to the plot lines. Essentially, Isle of Dogs is a film about a boy and a dog’s kinship. There are many dark moments in the film, but they are balanced with quirky, lovable characters and cheeky dialogue. Are you a fan of Wes Anderson, too?

Girl’s Trip with my Mom

A few times a year, my mom and I like to meet up in Lexington, KY for a few days of girl time. Since it’s a midpoint between West Virginia and Tennessee, we both drive 3 hours and enjoy a weekend full of nonstop shopping, spa treatments, Lifetime movies, and more shopping. Nothing is off limits and the weekend is full of laughter and girl talk! It’s such a treat to go shop for 8-10 hours with my mom and have nowhere to be and no plans afterwards. We hit up the local mall, Stein Mart, downtown boutiques, and strip malls. Since we are going on a caribbean cruise this June, we were on the hunt for vacation clothes. My mom found some adorable Lilly-inspired shorts outfits and I found some crazy rainbow pants with sailboats on them! We are ready to paint the town red! Besides shopping, a few highlights included a spa pedicure, champagne, and steam room time. I love having one-on-one time with my mom and cherish these trips so much. Do you go on girl’s trips, too?


Spring Crawfish Boil

Look at all that delicious and hot crawfish! Charlie and I had the pleasure of going to our friends Ragan and Eric’s crawfish boil with Liz, my sis-in-law. Charlie planted himself at the table and didn’t budge for 2 hours! He put them away like it was his job. I joined in and relished in the cajun flavors. During one of my crawfish breaks, I also shoved a few intensely delicious chocolate chip-cereal “O” cookies in my mouth. I think the rosé made me do it (laughs). Eric did a fantastic job hosting and cooking the crawfish. There were chunks of garlic, entire onions, potatoes, and kielbasa in the mix, too. I love spending time with Liz and Ragan, especially since their friendship is so inspiring. They have been friends since grade school and I admire how close they have remained over the years. Isn’t that amazing to have a friend that you’ve known your whole life?

To wrap it up, this week was wonderful because of the people I spent it with. Have you ever been to a crawfish boil? What do you think of Wes Anderson films? Let me know in the comments below!


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