Her Beauty Behavior: My BFF Ryllis

Every Month, I feature one of my friends and her beauty routine, self-care rituals, and lifestyle tips. This month, I’m interviewing my BFF Amaryllis Lyle.

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Ryllis is a 27 old technical writer, Nashville native, and  contributer at Buzzfeed. After work, she loves watching tv and riding her bike.

What’s your skin care routine?

I’ve been using the same face wash and moisturizer since I was a teen: Cerave face wash and moisturizer. I’ve never found anything better. My pores clog easily and I have super dry skin, so moisturizers are really important to me. My skin has been problematic since I got my IUD, so I reverted to my teenage routine since I had teen acne. Also, I treat myself to a facial at private edition every so often. I wash and moisturize twice a day, but not before using a makeup wipe to remove my makeup.

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Your hair grows so fast and looks so lush. How do you care for for it?

I wash my hair every other day and I switch up my shampoo often. Currently, I’m using Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser.I dabbled in Paul Mitchell purple shampoo when I was platinum. I kinda want to go back to platinum. I also advise to only use heat for special occasions. Like my skin, my hair is really dry.  I let it grow out after I get color. Once every 2 years, I get all over balayage natural blonde color.

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 Tell me about your glasses.

They are like a part of my body. I’m not me without my glasses. I buy them at Warby Parker.  I have horrible eye sight, so I’ll always have them on. I love wearing them, it’s a fun thing that I get to do.  

 How do you get ready for special events?

I love the ritual of getting ready. I put on 80s music to have fun. I like to have my mom do my hair in rollers or I’ll pay for a blowout.  I get my Remington rollers from Walgreens. 

Where do you buy your beauty products?

It’s a good mix. I used to buy glycolic products for skin care at Private Edition. I get Cerave from Walgreens.  My makeup comes from Walgreens or Sephora.

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 How about vacation prep?

Sunscreen is a must. If I’m wearing a swimsuit, I’ll also get a wax. I pack a ton of moisturizer  and aloe since the sun can be drying. My philosophy is to keep the sun off my face as much as possible, hats.

 Tell me about your night time routine.

I try really hard to wash my face no matter what. First, I tackle my eye makeup with the oil-free Almay wipes and then Cerave face wash. I’ll finish with a thick layer of moisturizer, since I like waking up dewy faced. I can slather it on and be good to go.

 What about your morning routine?

It’s the same skin care routine. I prioritize sleep and wake up at 6, but will linger in bed for 30 minutes for meditation, journaling, and phone use. I tend to be crunched for time, so I just eat a Larabar since I got hooked on those from Whole 30.

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Tell me about your experience with Whole 30.

Let’s preface this by saying that my food philosophy is enjoying indulgent foods – I can be a bit hedonistic. I decided to do whole 30 for many reasons, but mostly because it’s time for me to develop healthier habits and put my health first. When I researched it, I heard people say that your skin would improve, but it wasn’t my first priority. It ended up being true! My skin improved drastically. People commented on my skin more than anything else. My skin was glowing without makeup! I didn’t have any acne at all! My tone was even and I saw such a significant change. I know some people continue Whole 30, but I’ve gone back to enjoying food and I’m not willing to completely cut out dairy and bread. Having great skin is awesome, but my quality of life is better when I’m not cutting out food groups.

Any self-care rituals?

Riding my bike in the Belmont 12 South area is very meditative. I love walking, especially in the spring with everything blooming. Nashville is great for that. Getting facials makes me feel great. I’ve been seeing the same esthetician at Private Edition since high school-it’s like therapy! I love to make playlists and tell stories with the playlists I make, to call and draw up feelings.  

What’s currently on your record player?

I buy my records at Grimey’s. When I go on vacation, I find the local record shops. I’m currently listening to a lot of Ryan Adams.

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Favorite scents/perfume?

I recently started using geranium oil as deodorant and it lasts all day. It’s a beautiful scent. It’s effective and it reminds me of springtime! I pick mine up at Whole Body. It’s kinda expensive but lasts a long time.  For perfume, I use Marc Jacobs Daisy.  

How do you relax?

I love to get lost in a good series on tv. I’ve been watching LOVE on Netflix. Mickey and I are the same person.

Who are your beauty inspirations?

British royalty, like Kate Middleton and Lady Di. I love classic British beauty looks and preppy, timeless, clean cut fashion. Also, Grace Kelly because she is poised and graceful. Megan from Madmen because of her confidence.


Top 3 products you recommend from your beauty bag?

My YSL black mascara-It’s easy to remove, but lasts all day. No spider lashes. My esthetician recommended it.

Laura Mercier Under Eye concealer-I’ve been using it for 12 years. No product has come close!

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Wet n Wild Liquid Eye Liner in jet black- it’s cheap, cruelty-free and stays on all day.

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What do you love about yourself?

I love learning-it excites me! I also love my nails. They are shaped nicely and wear polish well.  

Any beauty advice you can offer?

It took me the longest time to realize, as long as you act like you own the room, people will buy into it. Wash your face every night. Enjoy yourself. Cut yourself a lot of slack and be nice to yourself. Also, I love that I can name every state capital. It’s like my party trick.

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This is going to our album cover if we can ever duck into a studio.

Isn’t she the coolest? I just love spending time with Ryllis. She is definitely gorgeous inside and out. Do you use any of the same products she uses? Do you also get regular facials? Hope y’all enjoyed reading this month’s Her Beauty Behavior!








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