Easy Girl’s Guide to Clip-in Hair Extensions

A few weeks ago, I treated myself to a new set of clip-in hair extensions from my local salon Lucy Pop in Green Hills area of Nashville, TN. These days, you don’t have to wait for longer hair to grow out; you can get extensions for thicker, fuller, longer hair if you like.

Before I start telling y’all about my experience, I just want to say: Clip-in hair extensions are such an easy way to switch up your look! You can clip them in and remove them in seconds and they are comfortable, like wearing a barrette in your hair. Keep reading to see how I found my perfect set.

Here is the set of Clip-In Hair Extensions that I purchased from Lucy Pop

First, I had to schedule a consultation with my hair extension specialist, Kaitlynn. She also cuts and colors my hair, so it was a seamless transition to meet-up and discuss what I wanted.  This consultation lasted about 5 minutes as we discussed what color and length I wanted.

Since I wanted super long, lush hair, we agreed that the 18 inch clip-ins would be a good fit for my current shoulder length hair. I paid for the extensions in advance and they were pretty pricey, but they will last years. I paid around $200-300 for them, but that included Kaitlynn ordering them, coloring them to match my hair color, cutting and blending the extensions to look perfect for my hair, styling them for me, and giving me a tutorial on how to use them.

A week later, the extensions arrived and Kaitlynn toned them with a purple shampoo to match my hair color. The clip-ins came in a pack of 2 larger clip-ins and 4-5 smaller clip-ins for easy blending and volume.

Jordan 4.26.18-4
Here, I am wearing the clip-ins. I didn’t do much to style them today, but they look AMAZING when curled( not pictured here). This is just a casual, messy, boho hairstyle that I rock on the weekends.

After she colored the clip-ins, she  clipped half of my hair back into a bun and attached the 2 larger clip-ins to my hairline near my scalp. Then, she blended some more of my hair over the clip-ins and put the smaller clips all around my crown, making sure that there was enough hair to cover the hair wefts.

Next, she cut layers into the extensions after they were applied to my hair so that they looked natural with my current hair length. Lastly, she styled the hair extensions with my natural hair to show me how to do it myself.

Jordan 4.26.18-1
Hair is an accessory, in my opinion. It can quickly transform your look!

The main takeaways that I learned are:

-pay attention to the lengths of hair in the clip-ins as you apply them to your hair so that they blend well

-wash your extensions with shampoo and conditioner every 7 wears

-style (flat-iron, curl, etc) the extensions AFTER you apply them so that your natural hair blends in

In my experience with real hair clip-in extensions, you get what you pay for. Is this an investment? Yes, but it is worth it because you can have them professionally cut and colored and blended to match your exact hair color, style, and texture.

There are cheaper options out there, but if you are going to be spending any money at all on hair, it might as well look as natural and lush as possible!

Jordan 4.26.18-3

I hope this guide inspires y’all if you are curious. If you are thinking about it,  get clip-ins professionally installed so that you know how to use them and have a contact person in case you need help styling them or need to dye them to match your new color. If you live in Nashville, I highly recommend Lucy Pop Salon. If you live outside of Nashville, ask if your local salon sells clip-ins and ask first to see examples of their work.

I’m really pleased with my clip-ins and love that they are like an accessory for my outfits! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!


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