Easy Girl’s Guide to Waxing

As swimsuit season rolls around, I like to add waxing to my beauty routine to look and feel my best. This past week, I got my first ever wax at European Wax Center and learned some helpful tips along the way.

Before I went in for my first appointment, I spoke with one of the employees and asked lots of questions so I could be as prepared as possible. I knew it would hurt, but I was also curious about the required hair length needed for a wax and if it would actually work better than my shaving routine.

It turns out that it wasn’t as painful as I expected. In fact, my esthetician Shayla went quickly, so it was over in 8 minutes! As for waxing style, I decided to be modest and get just the bikini line to see how my sensitive skin would react. In the past when I’ve shaved my bikini line, I have gotten shave rashes and bright red ingrown hair bumps for days-so embarrassing, itchy, and painful!

To my surprise, my super sensitive skin has fared so well from the wax! Now, I do need to share that since my appointment last week, I have been using the suggested products religiously. I learned that tip from my bff Ryllis.

Since my first bikini line was free because I used Ryllis’s referral, I didn’t mind spending a bit on some products that would help prevent ingrown hairs. Here are the products that I use to keep a smooth bikini line:

I swear by these wipes

Smooth Me Ingrown Hair Wipes  $26(in stores only)

Graceful Strut Body Polish $16(in stores only)

Graceful Strut Lotion $16 (in stores only)

Truthfully, I swear by these products. I am absolutely smooth and bump free for weeks! I use these 3 products every day during my shower. First, I exfoliate the area with the body polish to prevent ingrown hairs. Next, I use the I was given a sample of the body polish and lotion that will easily last me until my appointments in 4 weeks. It smells divine and honestly does work to keep my skin bump-free and super smooth.

The only caveat is waiting 4 weeks before you can get another wax. At $35-$50 a wax, it is fairly affordable for guaranteed smooth skin. As for in-between visits, I will try to schedule my wax appointments around my pool and beach trips so I won’t have to feel uncomfortable in my swimsuit. Even if I am in a swimsuit during the regrowth stage (it has to be at least the length of a grain of rice to have a wax), I’ll just sport some cute beach shorts or sarong right before I get in and out of the water-no big deal!

I know I am late to the party, but it did take me a while to finally test out this beauty service. I have a very low pain tolerance and delicate, sensitive skin, so I had always ruled out waxing, but here I am with smooth skin and I feel fantastic! I’ve also been told that the regrowth hair will be lighter, thinner, and more sparse. Sounds good to me!

If you have a European Wax Center nearby, you can get your first wax free. If you mention that I (Jordan Napier) sent you, I’ll get a credit on my account, too. So, do you wax, too? Do you have any tips that you could pass on? Let me know!

P.s. If you are curious about my red swimsuit, you can buy it here.

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