Finds of the Month: May 2018


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Orange Roses from Trader Joe’s

As the weather heats up this month, I picked up a few things that are already in constant rotation. This month, I searched for and found the perfect sweat-proof matte lipstick, a light and airy dress, an effective cleanser for blemishes, and a new Trader Joe’s discovery for hot summer days. Keep reading to see what I bought!

Yellow Dress from American Threads

Jordan 5.31.18-7A few weeks ago, I went to a Nash Gals Network Sip and Shop Event at American Threads . We did a 30 minute yoga practice together and then sipped on mimosas while trying on new summer pieces. I immediately gravitated towards this sunny yellow frock, which retails for $40. I ended up getting 20% off my purchase since I participated in the Sip and Shop, so it was a sweet deal! It’s light and airy and the perfect thing to throw on with sandals, a low bun, and a swipe of red lipstick. While yellow can be hit or miss for a lot of people, I love wearing yellow as a blonde because it flatters my fair skin and pops with red lips. Have you tried this color and makeup combo? You just might like it!

Blueberry & Pomegranate Unsweetened Green Tea from Trader Joe’s

Jordan 5.31.18-2This unsweetened green tea is flavorful and refreshing any time of the day, but especially when it’s sweltering outside. Since it’s green tea, it packs a decent amount of caffeine and could replace a mid-afternoon coffee fix. Have you tried this iced tea? It’s under 2 dollars and perfect for patio weather.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Lipsticks

Jordan 5.31.18-4

One of my favorite bloggers talked about this lipstick formula a few times on her Instagram Stories and the poppy orange shade piqued my interest. Since Maybelline is one of my top 2 favorite lipstick drugstore brands (the other is NYX Cosmetics), I knew that it would be a smart purchase–and I was right! While there are 20 colors in this collection, I carefully chose the colors “Heroine” (on the left) and “Pioneer” (on the right).  Y’all, these matte lipsticks last for hours. I wore the red Pioneer shade to Arrington Vineyards on a really hot, humid day. While my foundation and cream blush were melting, the lipstick did not budge for 6 hours that day!  If you need a go-to, universally-flattering red lip color, try Pioneer. I love its long -lasting formula so much that I replaced my beloved, “ride or die” red lipstick Nyx Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels with this new product. Even better, these lipsticks are only $7 each!

Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser

Jordan 5.31.18-3

This month, I dealt with some annoying hormonal acne on my chin (does this happen to y’all, too?). In order to treat the acne, I researched and purchased this medicated cleanser. This drugstore cleanser packs a punch with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide and a creamy lather. Not only do I use this on my chin, but I also use it on body acne. Since I love to run outside in the summertime, I coat myself with spray-on SPF, which sometimes leads to clogged pores and post-workout blemishes on my back. If you need an effective acne cleanser for your face and body, I recommend this cleanser. Plus, it’s only $5!

So, there you have it! I am loving these new item , especially the long-lasting Maybelline lipstick for this hot weather. What did you pick up this month?

3 thoughts on “Finds of the Month: May 2018

  1. I bought that cleanser based on online reviews, but I was so disappointed with it 😕 I actually threw it out as it did nothing for me

    1. Aww that’s a shame! Did you end up finding one that works?

      1. I’ve pretty much stayed clear of Clean & Clear products ever since. But I’ve found lots of other great cleanser 🙂

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