How I Whiten My Teeth with Smile Brilliant

Since I wear bright lipstick daily, my lipstick instantly draws attention to my smile. In the past, there have been days when I felt insecure about my teeth. Sometimes they looked a bit yellow and darker than what I wanted. I brush and floss my teeth daily, but I can’t kick my tea-drinking ways. Firing up my tea kettle is a part of my daily ritual, but it also means that my teeth get stained from all the Pumpkin Pie black tea and Passion Fruit herbal teas that I so frequently enjoy.

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In the past, I had purchased teeth whitening kits with dental trays that required boiling (what?) and white strips that slid off my teeth (ugh!) as soon as I applied them. I felt like the value and results never met my expectations, until I tried Smile Brilliant custom teeth whitening trays. It feels like fate stepped in and rescued my teeth with this product! Listen to this funny coincidence: one day, I went to my local CVS to pickup some name brand white strips, thinking about how my teeth had been looking a bit yellow lately. When I got home from running errands, I learned about Smile Brilliant’s custom teeth trays and promptly returned the white strips the next day at CVS!

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What is Smile Brilliant?

You order an at-home teeth whitening kit with lots of goodies: a custom-tray kit, several tubes of whitening gel, some desensitizing gel, and easy-to-read instructions. Before you can start whitening your teeth, you take some blue and white putty out of the kit, mix it up, and mold it into a teeth tray to create your own custom whitening trays. This is exactly what dentists do for in-office whitening, but the cost at a dentist’s office can be upwards of $500! The fact that you get custom teeth trays with Smile Brilliant makes this product superior to the rest.

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After you place the putty mold in your mouth to create the teeth impressions, you slip the putty molds into a prepaid envelope and ship it off to Smile Brilliant. One week later, you receive your custom teeth trays and can start whitening!

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How does it work?

Once you receive your custom fitted trays in the mail, all you do is apply a thin layer of whitening gel onto both teeth trays and put them in your mouth. After you have finished whitening (45 minutes to 3 hours), remove the trays and rinse them. Brush your teeth with toothpaste as usual and then apply desensitizing gel to the trays if your teeth are feeling a bit sensitive. As a girl with very sensitive teeth, I didn’t need to use the desensitizing gel until I got to the very last tube of whitening gel!

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How does it fit into your daily routine?

Since you receive several tubes of whitening gel in your kit, you can space out your whitening sessions every day, a few times a week, or a few times a month. The process is very easy. You can whiten anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours for each session, so you can adjust it to fit your schedule.

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During the weekdays, I wake up, drink a glass of water, and put in my whitening trays. 45 minutes later, I have showered, applied my makeup, styled my hair, and gotten dressed for the day. All I have to do is remove the trays, brush my teeth, and apply lipstick. Done! If you wakeup with 45 minutes to spare for getting ready, then this is one of many ways you can use Smile Brilliant!

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Another time that I like to whiten is right after I get home from work if I’m feeling like I need to practice self-care. I’ll pop in my whitening trays, apply a face mask, give myself a manicure, and watch Dr. Phil on cable. It’s so relaxing and an hour just passes by!

Did Smile Brilliant work?

Absolutely! What makes this product stand out is the custom fitted teeth trays. The whitening gel got into every nook and crevice of my teeth. My friends started complimenting me on my teeth and I gained more confidence to try wild lip colors. If your teeth are whiter, you can take more risks with lipsticks because they draw attention to your teeth! The entire whitening process took me a few months because I whitened a few times a week, but you can whiten every day or spend 6 months stretching out the treatments. Either way, Smile Brilliant removed the tea stains from my teeth and gave me whiter teeth. Honestly, my teeth have never been this white and I wish that I had discovered this product sooner.

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