Beauty Subscription Review: Lip Monthly June 2018

This month’s Lip Monthly arrived in my mailbox on the very last day of June (hah!), so I wasn’t pleased about the lack of timeliness. Even so, I am over the moon excited about the lip colors in the June box! Bright pink gloss, a purple lippie, a vampy matte, and oil blotting sheets are all slam dunks in my book. If you haven’t heard of Lip Monthly, it’s a monthly beauty subscription box filled with 3-4 lip products and one makeup item. It costs $13, but it is an affordable way to treat yourself to some makeup goodies without blowing the wad at Ulta (I am so guilty of this!). Keep reading to see the June selection of lip products I received this month!

Lip Monthly Lipstick in “03”

Jordan 7.4.18-2

Since this is a lipstick blog and I am affectionately known as “Lipstick” with my Nashville blogger pals, I am thrilled to welcome this crazy purple color into my collection! This satin-finish lippie has serious color payoff and is much more wearable that I thought it would be. If you are wondering how to wear or pull off this shade of purple, just keep everything else simple (read: neutral) in your look (think: boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt with heels). I’m saving this color for getting drinks with my friends or a movie date night. As you can see below, I paired this purple color with almost no makeup (just a touch of mascara and eyebrow powder) to let the lipstick take center stage. Since this is a Lip Monthly exclusive, a good dupe for this purple shade is NYX Velvet Matte Lipstick in Velvet Voltage for $7. This color definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone, but I feel fearless in any lip color thanks to my teeth whitening routine.

Jordan 7.4.18-6
As you can see, this bright purple lipstick is very wearable! Imagine how gorgeous this color would be with tan or dark skin!

Pure & Glam Cosmetics Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in Scarlet Amour

Jordan 7.4.18-4

When I pulled this moody red lip liner out of my Lip Monthly pouch, I felt some serious Fall vibes! This reddish-berry color is rich and thick in application. It requires a very steady hand and stays put for a long time! This color reminds me of my wedding lip color: vampy, dramatic, and bold. Lip Monthly always kills it with the lip pencils they send each month. This color just gets me excited about drinking warm spiced cider and kicking leaves on a chilly Autumn day.  Below, you can see how rich and saturated this matte lip liner color appears in real life. It looks like this shade is sold out online (Pure and Glam Cosmetics Lipliner in “Scarlet Amour”), but this $6 berry lipstick is very similar and I swear by it (and wore it at my nuptials).

Jordan 7.4.18-8
This lip liner is giving me life, y’all!

Hikari Lip Gloss in “Salsa”

Jordan 7.4.18-3

Lip Monthly always throws in a gloss every month. It’s something I can always count on and appreciate. This $13 high shine gloss is Hikari Lip Gloss in “Salsa”. This gloss is entirely appropriate for summer as it reminds me of a cherry popsicle or watermelon as an afternoon snack. This thematic choice makes me smile and the formula is moisturizing. Even more, this gloss is highly saturated. I’m curious to see how long it lasts during the workday, but I’m guessing a few hours. Quick tip: wear gloss if you are wearing your hair up so that your hair won’t get stuck to your lips! See the photo below to get a feel for how this lipgloss looks in real life.

Jordan 7.4.18-7
This color brings out my naturally rosy cheeks. I could also see myself reaching for this color in the dead of winter when I need a cheerful pick-me-up.

Sormé Blotting Papers

Jordan 7.4.18-5

Did you ever use those Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets as a teen? I used them religiously as a teenager to get rid of all the oil on my face (hello raging hormones). Finding these Sormé Oil Blotting Papers in my Lip Monthly pouch had me feeling nostalgic for that time in my life. I was a high school cheerleader, using Jergens tanner every week (cringe), and wearing my hair in rollers every morning. I went through a super glam phase in high school, followed by a sulking, plain-jane, no-makeup look (when my older high school boyfriend went to college-hah!). Anyways, this product sent me on a trip down memory lane. Do these oil blotting sheets work? You bet. All you do is gently pat one all over your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. The paper should catch your excess oil without messing up your makeup. Think of it as a touch-up product. A pack of these sheets is under $10 and a useful product to have on hand if you have oily skin.

So, what did you think of the June Lip Monthly? Which color would you wear? Do you use oil blotting sheets, too? Let me know if you decide to try it!

3 thoughts on “Beauty Subscription Review: Lip Monthly June 2018

  1. Those lipstick shades are all so gorgeous! I love the salsa shade, it’s super pretty and I can imagine so many looks it can go with. Great post. ✨

    Would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog thanks! 💖💖

  2. Oh wow, that purple lipstick is giving me life! How long have you been with Lip Monthly? I just got my first bag.

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