Style Story with Haley Clare Photography: White Floral Maxi Dress

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You know that one dress that hangs in your closet that you reach for when you want to feel your most beautiful? This white floral maxi dress is that piece for me. No matter how pressed I am for time or any mood I’m in, I always feel gorgeous in this dress.


Every once in a while, my husband and I will walk around and window shop together. He will very rarely see something in a store and offer to buy it for me, but this dress is one of those rare items. 3 years ago, he saw this dress in Nordstrom and said that if it fit and I liked it, he would buy it. I can never turn down a white dress, especially if the cut is hip-hugging. I love slinky clothes that flow and form to my shape; I feel my most beautiful when my waist is accentuated. Since I dress like a sophisticated grandma during the daytime (laughs-I’m a teacher), I enjoy embracing a more sensual side in my free time. Some of my style inspirations are 1950s pin-up style and bohemian style. What inspires you?


When I did this shoot with Haley Clare from Haley Clare Photography, we met up at Radnor Lake on a Tuesday evening. With rainfall, a sunset, and a deer encounter, we spent an hour hanging out under the trees. Haley is such an uplifting and positive photographer. She made me feel so comfortable and told me exactly how to pose, so I knew these photos would turn out perfectly. She also let me do an outfit change (more on that later this week), and was so patient with me.


Even more, Haley Clare did a FAST photo process turnaround. While the raw photos were stunning and moody on their own, Haley Clare worked her magic and delivered almost 30 edited images to my email the very next day!


Since I had a facial earlier that day, I treaded very lightly with my makeup. My esthetician Roylessha is adamant about telling me to let my skin breathe for 24 hours after my facial (a.k.a. absolutely no foundation, blush, concealer on my skin). As a result, I embraced my natural skin and only put makeup on my brows, lips, and lashes for this shoot. Boy, am I glad I kept my makeup minimal, because I can see my skin glowing. My diligent skincare routine is paying off!


Whenever I wear a white dress, I always reach for my wedding lipstick because it makes me feel like a fairy. As for my hair, I am wearing hair extensions. My hair is naturally fine and shorter at the moment. I will always be transparent with y’all about my beauty routine. I’m all for “natural beauty,” but I prefer to enhance what I have (with makeup, beauty treatments, clip-in hair extensions) to feel even more like myself. There’s something so elegant about a long, low side ponytail with a long dress. It feels effortless and bohemian. Hair is just an accessory!


What do think of this moody lighting and photography? I am in love with it! If you want to play dress up like me and shoot portraits in a forest, contact Haley Clare Photography.

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