Beauty Subscription Review: Lip Monthly July 2018

This month’s Lip Monthly did not disappoint! If you aren’t familiar with Lip Monthly, it costs $13 and it’s a monthly subscription of 4-5 lip products. For the month of July, the service featured pinks, nudes, and corals that are low-maintenance and ideal for pool time and barbecues. Besides being thrilled with these colors, I realize that this is the first month that has provided all office-friendly lip colors. No wild darks or brights around here! Since the school year is right around the corner for me (we start back in mid August!), these colors will be in heavy rotation for the work week. Keep reading to see what I got this month!

Be a Bombshell Lipstick in “Hollywood”

Jordan 7.25.18-3

I have a bone to pick with the quality of this lipstick packaging. While I absolutely adore this coral red color and the ultra creamy formula, this lipstick completely fell out of the tube when I opened it. If I hadn’t acted with quick reflexes to catch it, the rogue lipstick would have stained my clothes. Ugh! I had to push the lipstick back into the tube and push down hard so that it would stay. Needless to say, this lipstick is smudged and dented. It annoys me that the production value is so slow that the product fell out of the tube! Has this ever happened to you? In my experience of owning lipsticks for the last 4 years, this has never happened to me before. As for the color and formula, I absolutely love it. While I don’t recommend this product due to the faulty packaging, I am so fond of the coral red shade!

Jordan 7.25.18-7

Lip Monthly Brand in “02”

Jordan 7.25.18-4

This orange nude lip crayon comes from Lip Monthly’s in-house brand. The formula is saturated and lightweight with a satin finish. This is an exclusive product and I can easily wear this to work as it looks subtle and professional. This is a win for me.

Jordan 7.25.18-8

Bella Pierre Gel Lip Liner Pencil in “Nude”

Jordan 7.25.18-6

This matte lip liner is the real deal. It is waterproof and does not budge for hours. Even better, the nude color is very flattering! This will get a lot of use, especially when paired with a smoky eye for a date. This beauty subscription is worth the $13, even just to get this $18 high-quality lip liner. You can buy it here.

Jordan 7.25.18-9

Estate Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in “Lolly”

Jordan 7.25.18-5

Attention: we have a holy-grail item here! Y’all, this liquid lipstick is transfer-proof! Usually when I give my husband a kiss, I get a bit of product on him. Well, not with this stuff! The Estate Liquid Lipstick in Lolly goes on wet, but dries to a completely matte, dry finish. I am in heaven with this product! Now, I can drink coffee and not get it all over my mug! What are your go-to transfer-proof lippies?

Jordan 7.25.18-10

Well, that’s a wrap for the July Lip Monthly. What did you think of these colors? I was impressed that they included a diverse range with different finishes, like matte, satin, and transfer-proof. Let me know if you received different colors in the comments!


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