Three Fun Things This Week

Weeknight treat: Cheese Plate + Rosé for Dinner

This Michael Aram Bowl and Olive Wood Cheese Tray are gifts from Charlie’s Aunt Liz and Peggy (my MIL). I love pulling them out for cheese boards and entertaining. They are rustic-chic!

Since I had lots of fresh produce in my fridge, I decided to make a spontaneous cheese plate for dinner on Tuesday night.  After work, I picked up a Boar’s Head Pepperoni and Mozzarella Cheese to complement the bounty of Farmer’s Market veggies I hauled from last weekend’s visit. Once I got home, I opened up a simple bottle of rosé and pulled out as many vegetables as I could find. In this case, I sliced up a beefsteak tomato, two crisp radishes (so yummy with sliced baguette and butter, by the way), one purple carrot, one juicy South Carolina peach, and a small handful of sun-dried tomatoes. I topped it off with two Trader Joe’s finds: Everything But the Bagel Seasoned Crackers and a few garlic-stuffed green olives.DSC_3136

When I assemble and enjoy a cheese plate  (only once every few months to keep it feeling special), I think about color, texture, and shapes. I need something sweet (like fruit, honey, jam, sun-dried tomatoes, candied nuts) to complement the salty nature of cheese and meat. As for cheese, the sky is the limit, but I have been favoring triple creme brie and sharp white cheddar lately. To keep the plate looking fresh and healthy, I chop up seasonal veggies into bite-sized pieces. Since tomatoes, radishes, and peaches are in season, I threw those on the cheese board. Truly, there are no rules when it comes to a cheese board, but I do like to make my board look bountiful and overflowing. It should look abundant and chock-full of fresh foods! Bonus points if you have foods with different shapes, like circles, rectangles, and wedges. Food should look enticing and pretty for you and your guests.

P.S. I buy my cheeses and meats locally at The Produce Place. If I’m in a pinch, I’ll drop by Trader Joe’s and pick up a Port Salud cheese (incredibly creamy, buttery, and a crowd-pleaser, I promise).

Meetup at Firepot Nomadic Teas

Here is a wall of tea products at Firepot Chai. They sell their own brand of tea!

As I’ve mentioned before, my friend Andrea and I meet up for a weekly coffee date. We have an endless list of places to try in Nashville, and Firepot Nomadic Teas was at the top of our list for a while. On Tuesday, we met up and settled into the cozy window seat with iced Chai Tea Lattés. I ordered the iced Firepot Chai with oat milk and Andrea got the iced Street Chai. Her’s was a bit milder and sweeter while my chai tasted spicier. Iced Chai is Andrea’s favorite drink, so we will definitely be back to test out the Summer Specials, like the Mango Bergamot Lime Sweet Tea and the Cardamom Matcha Latté. Have you been to this tea bar yet? It is the coziest nook in 12 South.

Here’s the Seasonal Specials and Chai Drinks side of the tea bar menu.

Something that impressed me about Firepot Nomadic Teas is the their selection of milk options! Most tea bars don’t offer oat milk or house-made almond milk. Yum!

Just hanging out with my coffee bff, Andrea. She is such a sweet soul!

Fun fact: Andrea and I met almost a year ago on Bumble BFF, of all places! She is definitely a gem of a friend. I still can’t believe I found such a genuine and lovely gal pal on an app! After we met, we both stopped using the app (laughs).

Watching Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox

Image Via

Even though Fantastic Mr. Fox came out almost a decade ago, I watched it for the first time on Tuesday night with my cheese plate and rosé in hand. I had high expectations for the stop motion filming-style since I saw and loved Isle of Dogs this past Spring.  As I wrote about Isle of Dogs here, I love the cheerfully light and heavy storytelling with the signature bright, oversaturated colors in Wes Anderson’s movies. Based on a book by Roald Dahl, Fantastic Mr. Fox mixes child-like wonder with the hardships of adult life. Full of mustard skies and rust orange leaves, the wide angle shots portray the animal characters in a human-like way that immediately helps you bond with and care for them. The plot of Fantastic Mr. Fox is about a fox who steals from farmers and helps his family and friends as the farmers retaliate relentlessly. This stop-motion film is whimsical, quirky, and full of Fall colors, just to get me in the mood for the Autumn Equinox in September.

Are you exploring any coffee shops or tea bars in Nashville?  What are some fun things you did this week? Drop  your suggestions below in the comments!



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