My Blogging Routine + How it Fits into my Lifestyle

I’ve been blogging for 8 months now and truly feel like I’ve figured out some sort of rhythm. Since a lot of my readers tell me that I’m consistent with my weekly posts, I want to share my blogging routine with y’all. Whether you blog or not, hopefully this post can inspire you to start or continue writing!

With a full time job and a blog, my schedule can fill up quickly and I often find myself overwhelmed. Nevertheless, I remind myself that my blog is for fun, not work. While I do have hopes and dreams for what this blog can evolve into, I also keep myself grounded and remember why I started it last December: to fulfill me creatively!

Here is how I make my blogging routine fun and fresh!

Start with one post a week and build from there

I started my blog over my Christmas break, which was generously long at my previous school. At first, I stressed about fueling my blog with high-quality content and tried to crank out a new post every day or every other day. This type of work ethic was over-the-top and was draining me, so I made a mental shift, decided to write one post a week, and built it up from there.  Once I got into the groove of my routine, I started writing two and even three posts a week this summer because I had the free time on my vacations.

For writing blog posts, I write on Mondays and Saturdays. Monday nights look like me sitting on the couch and watching tv with my husband while I punch out a post with a glass of wine within reach. I never spend more than 20 minutes on any post, unless it is for a brand collaboration and I have to meet highly detailed requirements. On Saturdays, I wake up a bit early and crank out a post at a coffee shop, like Barista Parlor. The atmosphere feels airy, especially when they open up the windows in the Spring and Fall. Even better, the baristas are constantly adding new tunes to the in-store record player. I spend an hour or two at a café while my husband sleeps in and then we meet up for brunch or lunch afterwards. This structured time for blogging brings me a lot of joy and gives me the time to produce quality content for my blog. What does your blog post routine look like?

Shoot photos once a week

As a style blogger, I set aside time to shoot my outfits for my Style Stories and Instagram. Whenever I am going out to dinner or going to an event, I ask my husband to snap a few quick shots of me before I leave. This takes a few minutes and he doesn’t mind. However, if it’s going to take more than 5 minutes to shoot, he needs to be warned in advance. I have quickly learned that I have to ask him about 24-48 hours in advance to take my photos if we have to drive somewhere to shoot. We definitely argued about this at first (instagram husbands are saints), but I started to ask him in advance and let him know where I wanted to shoot (like 12 South or the Gulch) and that changed everything.Most of the time, he says yes and actually enjoys taking my photos since he has such a great eye for photography. If he says no, I figure out a solution. We try to shoot on Wednesdays or Saturdays. 

Pro tip: If you have blogger friends, you can shoot for each other or you can pay a photographer. Once in a while, I will pay a photographer, but it is a costly investment. Most photographers start at $75 an hour, so I thank my lucky stars that my husband will take my photos for me (laughs).

Attend social events

A few times a month, I attend social events to build community and make new friends. I love meeting my Instagram buddies in real life and getting out of the house during the week. Through events hosted by The Nash Gals Network, Blogger Xchange, and Girls Gone Mild, I enjoy exploring new-to-me parts of Nashville and networking with creatives. Sometimes, PR companies will invite me to events, like launch parties and the like, but I try to limit my outings so that I don’t feel rundown. This aspect of blogging is optional-you can go to all the events or skip them, but I relish in trying new things and try to attend a few a month.

Reach out to brands for collaborations

I only recently started carving out time to reach out to brands for blog collaborations. With my media kit in hand (created by Love it Loud Co.), I email companies that fit my lifestyle and fashion taste. Some bloggers only work with brands that contact them and others put themselves out there to strike up a deal. Since this blog is a creative outlet for me, I don’t worry too much about this aspect of blogging. Even so, it is such a delight to write about products that I truly love and share them with y’all through giveaways, like Smile Brilliant. If you are wondering, I reach out to 5 brands every 10 days or so.

Set a timer for Instagram and post 4-5 times a week

Instagram is my least favorite aspect of blogging, but it feels necessary to drive more traffic to my blog. Posting my outfits seems to be the most effective way to build my following and engagement, so I serve up looks! Since it can be extremely time-consuming, I set a timer for 15 minutes of liking and commenting on my feed BEFORE and AFTER I post a photo. I don’t always follow this rule, but when I do, I feel much more peaceful and less anxious. Scrolling all day long makes me stressed out and leaves me feeling empty. As for posting, I try to post about 4-5 times a week.

With all of that said, I try to maintain a balanced life of work, life, and blogging. I don’t gush about my blog unless family or friends ask and I don’t even talk about it at work. I do it for me. It fills my cup and serves as a creative way to document my life. If you blog, what does your routine look like?


2 thoughts on “My Blogging Routine + How it Fits into my Lifestyle

  1. Really great tips girl!

  2. This is just the post I needed! I have been spending way too much time trying to get blog posts out. The photos have been taking me a while to edit and determine which ones to post. Then I just seem to agonize over every sentence in the post. I need to remind myself that it is just a blog and that I am doing it for creative reasons like you!

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