Beauty Subscription Review: Lip Monthly August 2018

This month’s Lip Monthly was chock full of diverse lip products, including a pencil, crayon, cream, balm, and gloss. The theme, “Under the Sea,” was prominent with a blue info card and waterproof makeup bag. Usually the makeup bag that holds the products is a thin material, but this bag feels thick and sturdy. Consider me impressed! While I was delighted to find five products instead of the usual four, I was disappointed with one of the product’s formulas. Keep reading to see what I got in the August Lip Monthly bag.

Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain in “Sienna”

Jortdan 8.19.18 2018-6

This brown nude lip gloss feels smooth and moisturizing on my lips all day long. Manna Kadar is commonly found in makeup subscription boxes, but I’m not mad at it! This product is called the Liplocked Priming Gloss in “Sienna” and you can snag it for $24. It claims to be a primer, gloss, and stain all in one.

Jortdan 8.19.18 2018-9

If you are careful with not getting it all over your coffee mug or water bottle, it can last for a few hours and will fade into a subtle chestnut rose color. Even better, this brown nude is office-appropriate and perfect for everyday wear. Neutral lips go with everything and gloss is back in style, so this is a win for me.

City Color Creamy Lips Lip Paint in “Blackberry Mojito”

Jortdan 8.19.18 2018-5

This product by City Color is my least favorite item in the bag this month for a multitude of reasons. First of all, it has a pungent scent. It smells overly waxy with an overpowering rose scent. I pay attention to the scent of lip products and this one is not good. Second of all, the product is a lip paint with a matte finish, but it never truly dries. The lip paint also seems like it could be a lip stain, but I avoid them at all costs. They wear off quickly, look uneven, and fade in the worst way. Can you tell that I hate lip stains?

Jortdan 8.19.18 2018-10
As you can see, this formula is splotchy and does not blend well.

When I apply the City Color lip paint to my lips, it goes on unevenly, no matter how hard I try to blend it in. It seems like it’s trying to replicate Nyx’s Soft Matte Lip Cream formula, but it misses the mark.  I do love the color, but it has a bad formula, so this $7 lip paint is going straight into the trash!

Pixi by Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm in “Honey Nectar”

Jortdan 8.19.18 2018-4

Every lipstick lover needs a balm and this one does not disappoint! I already have a few products from the company Pixi by Petra, so I had a feeling I would love this tinted lip balm. It applies smoothly, deposits a pinky nude hue, and has the nostalgic scent of a Lip Smacker.

Jortdan 8.19.18 2018-8

If you are super low-maintenance with your makeup routine and want to ease into wearing lip color, try this $8 balm. It comes in five shades and soothes chapped lips.

Sepharine Botanicals Lip Crayon in “Quince + Crimson”

Jortdan 8.19.18 2018-2

This crimson colored lip crayon feels velvety smooth and perfect for next month’s change of season. I have a fondness for lip crayons as they aren’t quite lipstick and not really a pencil. The packaging of this lip crayon was aesthetically pleasing with its scientific botanical designs.

Jortdan 8.19.18 2018-12

As for the formula, it is highly matte and drying. This can be an ideal situation for a humid afternoon happy hour, but you will need to swipe a balm over it a few hours later to prevent dried out lips. This color is called “Quince and Crimson” and it can be found for $24. Hands-down, it is my favorite item from this month’s Lip Monthly!

Laritzy Lip Pencil in “Jewel”

Jortdan 8.19.18 2018-3

This is a bonus item from this month’s bag and it’s a good staple to have for Fall lipsticks. The product is called Laritzy Lip Pencil in “Jewel” and it costs $18. It has since sold-out, but the quality is not worthy of the price tag. It doesn’t apply smoothly and the color doesn’t excite me, but I will put it to use under my darker berry lip colors for next season. I do appreciate when Lip Monthly includes a lip liner, though, because I use mine on a daily basis and it’s handy to have so many colors.

Jortdan 8.19.18 2018-11

With my subscription lasting nearly 9 months now, I have accumulated a half dozen lip pencils that are in constant rotation under my lipsticks. Do you have the right lip pencils for every lipstick? I recommend a red, pink, nude, berry, brown, and orange. They will work under any shade of lip color to prevent color bleeding outside of your lip line.

Jortdan 8.19.18 2018-7

What did you think of this month’s Lip Monthly? I loved the variety of colors, but can’t stand the City Color Lip Paint. What is your favorite lip product from this month? What is your least favorite?

If you want to try this $13 monthly lip product subscription with 4-5 products, you can sign up here.

3 thoughts on “Beauty Subscription Review: Lip Monthly August 2018

  1. This month’s bag looks fun! I’ve always wanted to try Pixi and never got around to it. Can’t wait to get my bag now!!! It’s crazy you’ve gotten 9 lip pencils! You can never have too many!!!

  2. Thank you, love! Yes, this sub box is such a delight!

  3. oh my!! how I wish one day I also receive a goodie bag 🙂

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