Her Beauty Behavior: My Friend Aimée

For this month’s installment of Her Beauty Behavior, I sat down with my good friend Aimée and asked her all about her lifestyle and beauty routine. To start, Aimée is one of the most adventurous, energetic, and creative women I know. My husband and I love spending time with her together and individually. For girl time, we shop and get coffee while she and my husband share the same taste in films as movie theater regulars.Jordan 8.27.18-20

About Aimée

 Aimée is a 24 year-old California transplant living the Tennessee life as a medical underwriter. In her spare time, Aimée enjoys the outdoors, painting, trivia, movies, tv, and being an active Vanderbilt alumna.Jordan 8.27.18-15

The Interview

 What’s your daily skincare routine? You’ve got great skin!

I shower and wash my face with Toleriane cleanser by La Roche-Posay.  It’s a product that kills the bacteria on my face with de-aging properties and it encourages cell growth. I am slightly oily, so I put a toner on my t-zone. Then, I put on a tinted moisturizer, Elta MD Facial spf, and then my makeup.

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That’s nice and simple! How about your makeup routine?

I use a 8 Hour Mattifying Compact Foundation by Sephora Collection because it’s the right the color for my skin tone. I use Cargo blush and it’s discontinued but I find it online and buy it in bulk (laughs). The shade is a darker mauve that blends well with my olive skin tone. I like it because so many blushes are too sparkly, and this blush has a matte finish to look more subtle. It highlights my cheek bones.

I love what I’ve been using for years, since I started wearing makeup in 7th grade. I didn’t seriously start wearing makeup ’til sophomore year; I went all out with foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara. By senior year, I used only mascara. I never do eyeshadow now, unless it’s right under the brow.  My go-to eyeshadows are Sephora Collection palettes with neutral browns and golds.  By college, I streamlined my makeup, especially with highlighter. When I buy products, I look for what’s on sale if it isn’t terribly important, like lotion.


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 Your lashes are gorgeous. What mascara do you use?

I love Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara. I found it in high school and now it’s huge. It works really well. My lashes, they like to stay straight and short. With that product, it curls and lengthens them. I go for a natural look. My focus for makeup is on my eyes.

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I’ve heard amazing things about that mascara. What lip colors do you like to wear?

I always wear Chapstick –flavor doesn’t matter, but I prefer a red tint. I do like lipsticks. My two favorites are by Lipstick Queen. I have a lighter color that I wear to work called Saint Natural. It’s a buildable, sheer color.  I make sure to use chapstick first. For night time, I use a darker color called Saint Rouge. It’s discontinued, but the shade Sinner  is very similar. I gravitate towards a mix of red and purple for my lips. 

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How do you get ready for special events?

Basically, everything is the same routine, but I add more blush and I apply eyeshadow. I use Mac or Sephora Collection palettes. If I’m wearing brown clothes, I coordinate with brown eyeshadow. I pair a black smoky eye with a black outfit. I do three layers: eyelid, crease, brows, and add a wing if I’m feeling adventurous. I used to do eyeliner all the time, but it’s too time consuming! Pencil is way easier but liquid liner looks better.Jordan 8.27.18-25

How do you prepare for a vacation?

I keep the same routine! No matter what I’m doing, I bring the same thing. When I’m going on a trip, I’ll pack what I need and then I keep throwing things in the bag until it’s full (laughs). I believe in the Boy Scout Motto: always be prepared. I dress according to my mood, so I make sure I have everything I need.Jordan 8.27.18-29

I completely agree with that! How about your night time routine?

I use Toleriane Cream Cleanser to remove foundation, and use makeup remover by Neutrogena to remove eye makeup. I’m really lucky to have clear skin and acne goes away pretty quickly. I had never had acne issues until college. All of a sudden, it was bad for me, so I went to a dermatologist since Clearasil wasn’t working (laughs). I think it was the Nashville humidity. Now, it’s certainly better with the professional products.Jordan 8.27.18-26

How about your morning routine?

First order of business, I shower and get dressed. I’m a tea drinker and I boil water and have cereal and yogurt. I fill up my Thermos and apply my makeup. Then, I leave for work. I don’t drink my tea until later. I drink black tea in the A.M. and green at night. Harney and Sons Paris flavor is smooth, slightly floral, and unique.  If I need something to perk me up, there’s something about chai that’s a kick in the face. I have a fondness for Lady Grey tea, too. It’s smoother. No milk, just sugar or honey.

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You’ve got beautifully thick hair! Describe your approach to hair care. 

For haircuts, I have a hairdresser in CA. I go straight to her at home. In Nashville, I go salon-shopping. I like long hair with long layers and long enough to be in a ponytail. My hair is very thick. As a kid, I had a wavy, crazy bob, but now it’s so heavy that it’s straight with a bit of a wave. I use a straightener to smooth it out. Plus, it doesn’t hold a curl well. For shampoo and conditioner, I use the Smooth and Sleek Pantene line to manage the humidity and frizz. With any bit of moisture, I’m like Mufasa from The Lion King (laughs)! I use a blow dry cream by Pantene before I straighten, along with  Redken Heat Protectant Spray. No hairspray at all! Depending on how active I am, I wash twice a week. In between washes, I use Pantene’s dry shampoo.

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What are your top 2 products you recommend from your beauty bag?

Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara  and Redken Flat Iron #11 Heat Protectant Spray are my absolute necessities! The mascara lengthens and curls my lashes like no other. The flat iron spray protects my hair from the heat damage. 

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Would you mind sharing your self-care rituals?

I love cooking and eating good food. We cook whatever we can throw together. I like to get outdoors. I hike every weekend. I like to hike 5 mile trails like Percy Warner, Beaman , Radnor, Fall Creek Falls. Last Fall, when the trees had just turned, I hiked Fiery Gizzard. It was 10 miles with a 90 minute drive there and back. We hiked five hours and then we stopped at Chuy’s on the way home. After I work out, I don’t eat heavy things.  I prefer veggies and meat, like taco bowls.

I am thinking of joining an adult soccer league. Painting is a de-stressor. I used to do oil painting and I stopped for a while, and now I use acrylic. It’s cheaper and dries faster. I paint for other people as gifts and for myself. The project I’m currently working on is a desert sunset scene. I also love trivia at Nama Sushi. I love ethnic food. The best three times of the day are breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  

Visiting National Parks makes me happy. A goal I have is to visit all the national parks in America! I have so many good memories in Joshua Tree and Badlands.

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How do you relax?

I’m pretty mellow. If I’m stressed out at my job, I go home and it goes away. I don’t tend to carry things with me. Getting in my pj’s with a cup of tea relaxes me. I compartmentalize really well and I sleep really well. I am highly organized and it prevents stress. I’m a former soccer player, but now I prefer strength training with weights and crunches. Stretching also makes me feel better.

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Who are your beauty inspirations and why?

My mom and cousin. My mom is always very put together and she taught me to not go someplace and not look my best. Don’t go anywhere in sweatpants, even for errands. I never look like I rolled out of bed. She taught me how to bargain. My cousin is the fashionista in the family. She taught me how to do my makeup. We have similar coloring and she is very into it! She taught me how to paint by number (laughs).  I am logical yet artistic. in that way.Jordan 8.27.18-27

How would you describe your style?

My personality is tomboy. I love v-neck fitted t-shirts. I love Nordstrom Rack and Ann Taylor Loft for big blowout sales. As a California girl, I used make a beeline for the sales rack at Pac Sun. Currently, my style is feminine and casual. I’m not one to accessorize. For jewelry, I’m expressive with dangly earrings. I get earrings as gifts. I love useful gifts like that. My mom gives me the best clothes, like early Birthday gift clothes. She has one of my credit cards, so she’ll be my professional shopper. I admire her taste. First impressions are prevalent. I feel more confident if I feel that I look good.Jordan 8.27.18-30

What do you love most about your beauty behavior?

Not only is my routine simple, but it’s very natural. Also, my eyebrows are on fleek. My wax lady says that (laughs)! I also love my hair!Jordan 8.27.18-21

Beauty advice for your 20s?

Don’t feel like you need to comply with someone else’s standards. Don’t feel pressured to wear makeup. Be confident with your own routine!

Thank you so much for the interview, Aimée! I love your laidback approach to beauty!

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