My Cozy Fall Decorating Ideas

With Labor Day Weekend upon us, I am officially getting into the spirit of Fall! Are you? This season marks a time for warm colors in everything that I see, feel, and taste: waxy orange pumpkins, yellow falling leaves, steaming hot pumpkin spice lattés, burgundy matte lipstick, and cozy dark knits. I might be a bit basic  when I talk about how much I love this season, but I don’t care! It’s popular for a reason, or a million reasons, including making my apartment Fall-ready and cozy. While everyone goes out and buys pumpkins and mums to decorate their space, I want to share some unique Fall-inspired decor that I’m enjoying right now. Keep reading to see my Fall decor tips for making your home feel seasonally appropriate!

Bring Home Fresh Flowers in Fall hues

Jordan 8.27.18-2
Details: Glass Jar Set: Color | White Pumpkin Print: Kirkland’s

Buying fresh flowers every week makes me smile and brightens up any space. I like to house the blooms in this set of glass jars from Color, a Nashville home decor shop. These jars make an ordinary $4 bouquet from Trader Joe’s feel upscale and chic. I added this framed art print of white pumpkins that reads “Harvest your Blessings” to add a touch of white and gray to the empty wall by the window. When pumpkin season comes in a few weeks, I will add a few white pumpkins underneath the artwork to bring a rustic feel to the corner. What do you think of this artwork and flower setup?

P.s. My husband hoards blu-rays and DVDs, but I can’t blame him since I hoard lipsticks (laughs).

Jordan 8.27.18-3
Details: Similar Sterling Pitcher| Similar Fall Art

I also added a few of the white flowers to a sterling silver vase on the mantle to match this Autumn artwork that Charlie’s Uncle Gene painted. The colors feel like a warm hug! We keep this painting up year-round, but it feels especially appropriate for Fall.

Use Accent Pillows and Blankets to Create a Cozy Space

Jordan 8.27.18-11
Details: Pumpkin Pillow: Kirkland’s

To update my chenille couch, I added this cream knit pillow to my collection. I love how it feels festive without using the expected, clichéd colors of Fall, like orange or red. The other pillow and blanket are Christmas gifts from West Elm, which has a multitude of gorgeous pillow covers. I had to practice a lot of self-control when I browsed all the adorable Fall pillows at Kirkland’s, too. They are all well-priced from $10-$20.

Lean a Cinnamon Broom against the Fireplace

Jordan 8.27.18-4
Details: Cinnamon Broom: Kroger | Wooden Rabbit: Thrifted

Every fall, Kroger and Trader Joe’s sells these $5 cinnamon-scented brooms and I always have to pick one up. They give off a warm and spicy scent that fills the room for months and I can’t help but feel like it’s a nod to Halloween as a spooky witch’s broom. The broom leans against the fireplace next to this lovely little wooden rabbit, a gift from my husband’s grandfather Norcom. Isn’t it darling? The wooden texture creates a pleasing contrast against the beige carpet and walls of the living room.

Update the Front Door with a Wreath and Doormat

Jordan 8.27.18-9
Details: Doormat: Hallmark|Similar

As an avid doormat collector and aficionado (laughs), my mom sends me doormats once in a while and I absolutely cherish this pumpkin one from Hallmark. We both have a penchant for cats, so I know she was smiling when she picked this one out for me. Do you decorate with seasonal doormats, too? I get so many compliments on this colorful one. Stepping outside everyday, this is the first thing I see and I adore its vibrancy.

Jordan 8.27.18-8
These flats are hand-me-downs from my mother-in-law and I love them for work!

Besides decorating with a warm-toned doormat, I love to hang this darling scarecrow wreath (pictured below) on my door. My mom gifted this to me a few years ago and she actually bought it at Kroger in the seasonal aisle for $10! I also love this chic Pumpkin and Hydrangea wreath for $30.

Jordan 8.27.18-10

It goes without saying that I also have a few Mums and pumpkins by my door, but everyone does that! How do you decorate your front door for this season?

Have a Stack of Puzzles on Hand

Jordan 8.27.18-12
Details: Wicker Basket: World Market

One of my favorite things for winding down after a long day is to work through a puzzle. This wicker basket is replete with so many designs, like umbrellas, fall foliage, and book covers. My mother-in-law Peggy buys them every once in a while and I borrow them when she is done. As a result, we’ve amassed a collection of puzzles from White Mountain . When I have friends over, I like to pull out a puzzle to provide an activity that doesn’t involve staring at a screen. I’ll put on a record, pour a glass of red wine, and dig into the puzzle while we chat about life. What relaxes you?

Decorate the Walls with Fall artwork

Jordan 8.27.18-5
Details: Pumpkin Harvest Art: Kirkland’s

This pumpkin artwork gives me all the feels because it reminds me of my wedding venue. We got married in October at a wooded venue with a barn. Every time I look at this artwork in our dining room, I feel nostalgic for that special day. Even better, this piece is under $20!

Jordan 8.27.18-7
Details: Globe: Kirkland’s | Wire Tree: Sander’s Wire Trees | Church Artwork: Kirkland’s

This side table in our living was decorated entirely by my husband. He picked out the white church painting as it reminds us of our Fall wedding. The colors feel vibrant and a bit whimsical for a $30 art print. The $25 black globe is a moodier piece that reminds us of how big the world is and how much we want to travel this year. Lastly, the wire tree is the biggest purchase we made for our apartment 5 years ago when we first moved in together. Back in October 2013, we were perusing the Nashville Craft Fair at Centennial Park and we laid eyes on these delicate, handmade wire trees from Will Sander’s booth and were instantly smitten. This piece was around $100-150, but five years later, we still adore it. It makes a statement and we love supporting Tennessee artists.

Jordan 8.27.18-6
How cute are Charlie and my sis-in-law Liz on our wedding day! They were high-fiving and our photographer captured the moment perfectly.

What do you think of these Fall decorating tips? I went on a bit of a shopping spree at Kirkland’s a few weeks ago and took home all of the artwork, pillow, and globe (plus a full length mirror) for under $200. Where do you shop for home decor? Do you decorate for the seasons?  Let me know!

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  1. You have decorated everything just beautifully!

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