3 Foods I Always Buy in the Fall

Every Fall, I peruse the grocery aisles for pumpkin flavored foods that celebrate this season. While I am sharing a Trader Joe’s Fall haul later this month,  today I’m sharing 3 yummy things I always buy from Fresh Market in the Fall. What foods do you enjoy during this time of year?

Haribo Sour Vampire Bats


Browsing the Fall candy displays at Fresh Market, I always teeter between buying the pumpkin candy corns or the $1 sour gummies. As a chocoholic through and through, I only eat candy sparingly and in small portions if it’s not chocolate. Since I have zero self-discipline if I put chocolate in my pantry, I try not to buy it at all and stick with candy that I know I won’t eat too much of, but can still enjoy. With that said, I pour these Haribo Sour Vampire Bats gummies in a candy dish and grab one once a day or so. The sour flavors of green apple, cherry, and orange serve as a festive little treat and a pick-me-up. What Halloween candy do you buy every year?

Fresh Market Pumpkin Spice Coffee

My bff Ryllis painted this bunny coffee mug for me a few years back and I just cherish it.

Lots of coffee drinkers celebrate the arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latté and I am no exception to that phenomenon (laughs).  I sampled this Pumpkin Spice ground coffee at Fresh Market while shopping there and was instantly smitten with the spicy light roast. I also add a bit of unsweetened vanilla almond milk to my morning cup of joe. To make it even more pumpkin-y, I top the coffee off with a dash of Pumpkin Pie Spice. Are you team PSL or do you avoid pumpkin at all costs?

Honeycrisp Apples


The sweet tart flavor of Honeycrisp apples brings forth such a nostalgia for apple pies, apple cider, and apple butter. I always pick up a paper bag full of apples at the start of Fall for cheese plates and for dipping in almond butter for a snack. Honeycrisp apples smell so fresh and tart even when sitting in a bowl on my dining table. Do you enjoy this particular apple variety, too?

These are just a few of my favorite seasonal items that I savor during this time of year. Stay tuned later this month to read about my Trader Joe’s Fall haul! What groceries do you buy around Fall time?

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