Finds of the Month: October 2018

This month, I gathered cold weather essentials for my Fall Break vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Also, I was gifted a skincare routine by Therapy Systems from Nashville’s beauty mecca and spa Private Edition. I love using this small-batch skincare brand and shopping at local businesses! I’m also sharing some of my thrifted finds, my new favorite natural deodorant that smells like roses, and a wool hat that keeps my head warm during the chilly but bright days of fall. Keep reading to see my monthly favorites!

Therapy Systems Skincare Routine

Jordan 10.17.18-4

Private Edition kindly gifted me this entire skincare routine by local Nashville brand Therapy Systems  and my skin is loving it! I’ve been using it for the last 3 weeks and my night time routine is officially upgraded with an anti-aging focus. Mary Kathryn at Private Edition gave me a skincare consultation and suggested four Therapy Systems products.

Jordan 10.17.18-8

First, she recommended the Daily Active Cleanser with glycolic acid to exfoliate and clarify my skin tone. If you struggle with acne, your skin will love glycolic acid because it promotes cell turnover and prevents dead skin build-up and clogged pores.  Texture-wise, it feels creamy and milky on my skin. I use it 3 times a week as a chemical exfoliant to yield brighter skin.

Jordan 10.17.18-5

Second, she recommended the Cleansing Oil to use at night to remove my makeup. This oil smells like fresh citrus and feels silky on my skin when I lather it with water.

Jordan 10.17.18-6

Next, Mary Kathryn suggested the paraben-free Skin Normalizer 24 Hour Wear face cream for day and night. It feels creamy and moisturizing yet lightweight. My skin loves it and soaks it up immediately upon application. It works wonderfully under makeup, too.

Jordan 10.17.18-7

Lastly, the Advanced Eye Renewal is the most luxurious part of my routine. This eye serum has anti-aging ingredients, like Plant Stem Cell peptides and Vitamin C to reduce fine lines and under-eye puffiness. Have you tried Nashville’s own Therapy Systems ?

Pistil Wool Hat

Jordan 10.17.18-2
Charlie says I look like I’m about to drop Nashville’s hottest new country album in this hat (laughs).

This wool hat by Pistil was a lifesaver to shield my face from the abundant sun on my recent vacation in Wyoming. The hat kept me warm and it packed safely in my suitcase. A wide brim hat jazzes up any outfit and adds a boho vibe, don’t you think? I picked this brown one up at my local outdoors shop, Cumberland Transit.

Jordan 10.17.18-3

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant

Jordan 10.17.18-9

This Weleda natural rose-scented deodorant works in magical, mysterious ways. Since it’s October, there must be some sort of sorcery involved with it (laughs). If you are in the market for a natural deodorant (no aluminum), try this one. You can find it at Target or Amazon for $10-$13 and it’s worth every single penny. I spray each underarm 3 sprays every morning and by the end of the day, my armpits smell like nothing. Seriously, there must be some witchcraft involved. I was trying out lots of different natural deodorants and they would completely fail by early afternoon (hi, Meow Meow Tweet and Lavanila), leaving me feeling self-conscious. As someone who sweats a lot, I feel incredibly confident now when I hug a friend at the end of a long day. No b.o. around here! I know this is a bit over-sharey, but I hope this recommendation helps y’all if you need it!

Thrifted Sweaters

Jordan 10.17.18-14

For the upcoming chilly weather, I upgraded my wardrobe with this stack of sweaters from Plato’s Closet and Thred Up.  Thrifting saves me so much money on clothes, especially when I want to buy out all the fall collections at my favorite stores, like Madewell and Anthropologie.

Would you believe me if I told you that I paid $50 for this entire stack? Two of the sweaters were brand-new with tags! In a world of so much fast-fashion, try to thrift and see if you find something you like! Often times, I’ll trade old clothes for new-to-me clothes at Plato’s and Thred-Up. Buying second-hand is pure recycling and such a fun hunt! If you find something you truly love on Thred-Up, use my code here to get $10 off your purchase. P.s. this is where I buy my clogs and Marc Fischer heels!

Sam Edelman Boots

Jordan 10.17.18-1

I eyed these boots for 2 weeks before making the purchase and I’m so glad I bit the bullet. I typically splurge on shoes and jeans, since the comfort level, construction, and materials make all the difference in quality. These Sam Edelman boots elevate any dress or pair of jeans. The chunky heel is walkable yet elegant. I’m also super excited that tall boots are coming back into style this season. Ankle boots have dominated the trends for the last several years and I’m ready for more variety!

What do you think of my finds? What did you pick up this month? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Finds of the Month: October 2018

  1. Had such a great time at the Private Edition event! I am definitely going to use their Therapy Systems products when my current ones run out. I have never had much luck with natural deodorant. I sweat a lot. Might give this one a try.

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