Lipstick Set Review: MAC Look in a Box “Be Sensational”

Today, I’m reviewing the Mac Look in a Box “Look Sensational” lipstick set. Have you ever purchased a lipstick set from MAC? While this set is now sold out, I’m still reviewing it to suggest 5 gorgeous matte lipsticks from MAC that you should consider.

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I saw this lipstick set at the MAC store at the Denver airport about a month ago as I was killing time on a layover from my Jackson Hole vacation. Like a kid in a candy store, I walked into MAC and geeked out over the Fall shades, like Chili and Antique Velvet.Jordan 10.20.18-20

I also noticed that MAC was selling boxes of mini-lipsticks (5-count) for $38, which is a great value. Although this box that I’m reviewing today is sold out, this set of 10 matte lippies is an equally fantastic value. Keep reading to see the MAC matte lip colors that came in the Look in a Box “Be Sensational” set!Jordan 10.20.18-22

Keep scrolling to see each lipstick product shot and face photos. Which one is your favorite?

Lipstick #1: Velvet Teddy

Jordan 10.20.18-27

The shade Velvet Teddy is a neutral, pink-nude matte lip color that claims to be one of the most universally flattering nude shades on the market. You can see evidence of that here with darker skin and here with tan skin. This color makes for a fantastic birthday gift. High-end cosmetics, like MAC, are fun gifts to give since lipstick can be an indulgence! What do you think of this deep-toned beige pink color? You can buy a mini-version for $10 here. I always recommend mini over the regular version since I rotate out so many colors. This is the perfect nude color for the office, don’t you agree?

Jordan 10.24.18-15

Lipstick #2: Russian Red

Jordan 10.20.18-29

The shade Russian Red is a cool-toned blue-red lipstick that also flatters many skin tones, similar to its red lipstick cousin Ruby Woo. My tan, brunette sis-in-law Liz  is a stunner in Russian Red and introduced the color to me. If you are looking for a festive lip color for the holidays, this is it! Red lipstick instantly brightens up your face and elevates any outfit. Liz tends to wear this shade with a flannel button-down and jeans, which feels so chic and flirty in an understated way. Pictured below is Russian Red–you can buy a mini-version for $10 here.

Jordan 10.24.18-13

Lipstick #3: Nouvelle Vogue

Jordan 10.20.18-31

This dusty pink shade, Nouvelle Vogue, is discontinued now (why?!), but you can find an exact dupe by Rihanna’s Fenty line in the shade Spanked for $18. These lipsticks have saucy names, am I right (laughs)? This blue-toned pink shade is feminine, light, and pairs beautifully with a burgundy outfit. This color is low-maintenance and ideal for Thanksgiving dinner, so you won’t have to check if your lipstick color is fading in the middle of your meal. Word to the wise: wear a neutral color to the dinner table so you won’t worry about your lip color getting all over your face during the biggest meal of the year! What do you think of pink lipsticks? Do you wear these year-round or do you save them for spring?

Jordan 10.24.18-14

Lipstick #4: High Society

Jordan 10.20.18-28

This is my favorite color in the lipstick set! The shade is called “High Society” and it is sadly sold out, but Nars in “Jane” is a very close dupe, but it retails for $34. Yikes! I don’t know about y’all, but I never pay more than $15 for a lippie, unless it’s a unique formula and shade that I can’t find anywhere else. In this case, I might shell out the cash for this shade (once I run out of “High Society” since it’s such a flattering dusty coral color. What do you think of this color? I’m in love with it!

Jordan 10.24.18-16

Lipstick #5: Scene Stirrer

Jordan 10.20.18-30This rich pink rose color is called Scene Stirrer and it is easily the most flattering shade in the bunch. As you can see, it brightens up my face and pairs effortlessly with little makeup. This is how you know if a shade is flattering on your skin tone and coloring. If you barely need any blush, eye makeup, or coverup to pull off a lip color, hold on to it and never let go! Like a few of the other colors in this limited edition lipstick set, Scene Stirrer is sold out. Nevertheless, you can find a dupe for $14, known as the Rose Wood by Sephora Collection. Have you tried a bold pink rose shade before? This color reminds me of the Knockout Rose bush that grows on my mom’s front yard.

Jordan 10.24.18-10

And there you have it! Have you ever purchased a lipstick set before? Have you played with any of these MAC shades before?

Jordan 10.20.18-24

Let me know your favorite shades in the comments. I hope this post inspires you try some new shades for the holidays, especially Russian Red!

4 thoughts on “Lipstick Set Review: MAC Look in a Box “Be Sensational”

  1. This must be a special edition.Loved the outer packaging

    1. mylipstickletters November 13, 2018 — 4:19 am

      Thanks! Yes, it was special edition. MAC did a fab job with the color selections

  2. Ooooooh I love Russian Red! I could never convince myself to purchase it though because I’m so dead set on Ruby Woo! That was the only MAC red I needed in my life. lol. Awesome review by the way!

    1. mylipstickletters November 20, 2018 — 2:32 am

      Thank you, babe! Ruby Woo is really all you need!

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