Cozy Outfit Ideas For Fall and Winter

As the days get shorter and the wind kicks up to freezing temperatures, I revel in wrapping myself up in cozy layers and warm fabrics, like cashmere, cotton, wool, and flannel. Today, I’m sharing my fall and winter wardrobe staples for keeping warm and hunkering down during the winter season. What are your winter closet must-haves? Keep reading to see mine!

Good Fitting Jeans in a few colors

Jordan 11.16.18-6

If you have a few pairs of good-fitting jeans, you’re set for creating cute and casual cold weather looks. Speaking of cold weather staples, did you know that Madewell just released fleece-lined skinny jeans? I am over-the-moon excited that I can look chic and still keep warm! Whether you invest in a pair or not, having warm jeans is essential during the colder months. Jeans go with everything (sweaters, flannels, layers) and they photograph beautifully (for couples taking Christmas photos and portraits, if you are into that sort of thing). If you’re in the market for a fresh pair, I recommend the high-waisted Curvy from Madewell. If you want to mix it up with winter white jeans, Gap makes a sturdy pair.

This holiday sweater and jeans are featured in my Finds of the Month from October.

Corduroy Jackets or Pants

Jordan 11.16.18-1

Corduroy is a quintessential winter fabric. It’s thick and keeps you cozy while lending some texture and warmth to your look. Not to mention that corduroy is a huge trend right now, it comes in the most delightfully quirky pieces, like this burnt orange dress or these demi boot-cut cords. In my closet, I have a mustard yellow cord jumpsuit (seen here) and a classic cord jacket. Long live corduroy!

I wore my cord jumpsuit on this chilly day with a swipe of red lipstick.

Warm Hats

Jordan 11.16.18-5

A warm hat spices up any cozy outfit, as you can see in my outfit below. All you need for a hat wardrobe is a knit toboggan and a wool hat. This Pistil wool hat is such a beloved part of my wardrobe that I blogged about it in my Finds of the Month! Not only will a hat add visual interest, but it will keep your head warm!

I wore my wool Pisitil hat on my Jackson trip and it kept the sun out of my eyes and my head warm!

Shawls and Ponchos

Jordan 11.16.18-4

When I think of the word “cozy” in the dictionary, my mind immediately thinks of ponchos and thick blankets. I am so grateful that wearing blankets is a socially acceptable trend right now (laughs). I mean, ponchos are EVERYWHERE this year! I especially love plaid and hand-knit ponchos, like this red plaid LOFT poncho and this southwestern scarf blanket. All you need is a knit turtleneck underneath or a black long-sleeve cotton dress, add booties, et voilà! A poncho makes for an easy holiday gift, too, since you don’t have to worry about sizing.

How fun is this hand-knit poncho? I found this poncho at Upper Eastside

A Stack of Thermal Tees

Jordan 11.16.18-2

Thermals are a classic wardrobe staple for the winter months. They are breathe-able, layer easily, and come in every color! I source mine from Costco for $10 and this Amazon button-down version that comes in several neutral colors (with great reviews, too). Are you a fan of thermals? They never go out of style!

4.8.18 Ryllis-12
Here I am in my white thermal layered under my corduroy jumpsuit with a blanket scarf. This photo of my bff Ryllis and me makes me cackle loudly, so I hope y’all enjoy it, too. We are extra. 

What do you think of my cozy fall and winter staples? What would you add to make it even cozier? Thank you for reading and I hope y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday week!


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  1. I am obsessed with your corduroy jumpsuit!

    1. mylipstickletters November 20, 2018 — 2:31 am

      Thank you, Jubilee! It’s an oldie from Anthro

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