My Thanksgiving Makeup Look

This Thanksgiving, I am spending time with my husband and his family in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. We are cooking a low-key Thanksgiving dinner with a casual vibe, so I’m sporting jeans, a sweater, and some vampy holiday makeup to jazz things up. Most of the makeup in this look comes from my So Susan Color Curate Box (I’ll share my full review this weekend). Keep reading to see my festive holiday makeup look for Thanksgiving!


For my Thanksgiving look, I reached for a rich, creamy metallic bronze eye shadow in the shade “Interstellar Nebula” by Jelly Pong Pong. I swept this bronze color over my lid and blended it with a darker eggplant shade in my crease (pictured below). Bronze eye shadow flatters every skin tone and really makes blue, green, brown, and hazel eyes pop! I hope every gal has a bronze shade in her makeup bag, since it’s an easy and festive shade for the holidays. DSC_4288.JPGIf you are shy with eye makeup and want to try a smoky eye, gold shadow is a gateway color to play with and master before approaching darker shades of silver, gray, and black. As you can see below, I applied a touch of the gold shadow on my bottom lids near the inner corners of my eyes to provide a touch of warmth and open up my eyes (making them look even bigger). If you try this, you MUST apply mascara (Benefit’s Bad Gal Bang has the most comfortable wand) on your bottom lashes to contrast against the gold shadow liner.


Besides sweeping a gold shadow on my lids, I also blended in the aubergine metallic shade (pictured below) on my crease. Golds and purples go together like a PB&J sandwich when it comes to eye makeup! This eyeshadow palette is beautiful by itself (ice blue on lid, purple in crease) or used in tandem with the Interstellar Nebula bronze shadow mentioned above. If you want to try it, it’s called the Eye Candy “Cupcake” by Trifle Cosmetics(pictured below). What do you think of this bronze-y eggplant look?


For my brows, I used the Dermelect Revitalite Brow Transformer. It costs $26 and it has lasted me TWO MONTHS with daily use. I typically have to buy new brow pencil every 2-3 weeks since I have to draw in my brows from scratch (my brows are naturally white blond), but the Brow Transformer has a thicker pencil that lasts forever. This item was gifted to me from Dermelect and I treasure it.


And now, for the reason why you’re probably reading this post: the lipstick! I just picked up this lip pencil from Walgreen’s yesterday. This reddish brown shade is called “Coco Loco” by Jordana. For $2.99, go get this now! For a price that low, it’s worth a try to test out a festive dark lip for the holidays. If you try this lip pencil color, be sure to apply foundation on your lips first to create a blank canvas for the brown color. There’s something about this shade that reminds me of hot chocolate during the holiday, don’t you think?

What do you think of my Thanksgiving makeup look? How are you spending this American holiday? I hope y’all enjoyed this post and Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful that I have this wonderful community to share with y’all.

3 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving Makeup Look

  1. If only I had a Walgreens near me. That lip color is stunning!

    1. mylipstickletters November 23, 2018 — 3:47 pm

      Thank you! I bet you could get it from their website!

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