My Winter Lip Care Tips

During the winter months, my lips need extra care and attention due to frigid temperatures, dry air, and wind. While this season of the year lends itself to sporting darker, moody lip colors, it can be tricky to pull off a drying, matte liquid lipstick with chapped lips. Since I spend every day wearing some sort of lip color, I have figured out a lip care routine that yields plump, moisturized lips all the time. No peeling or cracked lips around here! Keep reading to see what products and health tips I recommend!

Baume de Rose By Terry Lip Balm

If you are looking for a holy-grail lip balm that won’t make your lips peel, this rose balm is the ticket. With ingredients like castor oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter, Baume de Rose lip balm feels silky, thick, and luxurious with a faint rose scent that will last for 8 hours on your lips. I like to apply this during my night skincare routine on my lips and cuticles.

When I wake up 8 hours later in the morning, this sheer lip balm is still on my lips (as I mentioned here in my Finds of the Month). Fun fact: I mentioned this product at my Lipstick event with Private Edition last October and several of my blogger friends purchased it at my recommendation. Even more, this lip balm is so popular that it’s been featured in magazines for a decade, including this appearance on Refinery 29. While it is pricey at $60 per tub, you can purchase the lip crayon version for $34 here. Have you tried Baume de Rose? What is your go-to lip balm?

Handmade Heroes Lip Scrub

Along with a deeply hydrating lip balm, I reach for a lip scrub that resets the texture of my lips. When I wake up in the morning, wipe off any excess Baume de Rose from my lips, and cleanse, tone, and moisturize my face, I apply this natural coconut lip scrub on my lips. Priced at $8, this lip scrub is a best-seller on Amazon for a reason!

Made with sugar, coconut, olive oil, and sweet almond oil, this preservative-free scrub removes all the dead skin from my lips to reveal smoother, plumper lips. After applying the scrub and rubbing gently, I rinse off my lips with water, dry off, and lightly rub my lips with a clean dark makeup washcloth to ensure that I removed all dry flakes. This lip scrub/wash cloth routine is essential to having healthy-looking lips in the winter time!

Drugstore Lip Masks

While lip balm and lip scrub go hand in hand, lip masks are a fun treat to try once a week if you have the time. If you aren’t familiar with lip masks, they can soften, plump, and moisturize your lips in preparation for a night out or a big event. I love using one after applying and rinsing off a lip scrub. Recently, my friend Aimée and I spent a night-in watching movies and face-masking. While using this pore-refining mask on our faces, we applied these $4 lip masks for 10 minutes. Once we removed the lip masks, our lips looked plumper! In the photo below, I used a lip mask before applying my makeup and you can see that my lips look larger.

Lip Care Products that I used for this look: Baume de Rose lip balm, Coconut lip scrub, Drugstore lip mask, Therapy Systems Lip Balm

Therapy Systems “Even Better Than Lips” Tinted Lip Balm

For times when I want a hint of color for my lips but don’t want to fuss with lipstick, I reach for my favorite local tinted lip balm by Therapy Systems. This lip balm is made with beeswax and apricot oil to provide long-term moisture and hydration. I am wearing this balm as I’m writing this article and it is so comfortable! Fun fact: this lip balm was included in the goody bags from my Lipstick Event with Private Edition. If you attended, I hope you are loving this $14 lip product as much as I do!

Other Helpful Tips for Winter Lip Care

*Drink lots of water! Dry lips can be a sign of dehydration.

*Don’t lick your lips! Licking your lips will only dry them out even more.

*Have a designated place for your lip balm so you don’t lose it! Since Baume de Rose is an investment and it’s way too easy to lose a lip balm, I put it in a pouch that goes in my purse. When I get home, I put the pouch in my bathroom. That way, I will never lose it because it always goes back to where it belongs.

Well, that’s a wrap for my winter lip care tips! What tips do you have for caring for your lips during cold weather?

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  1. My lips are so bad so this is useful! Great post it would mean a lot if you could check my recent post out too! Xx

    1. mylipstickletters December 29, 2018 — 10:21 pm

      Thank you for reading! Glad this helped =)

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