My Spring Rituals

Now that the first day of spring is right around the corner, I’m celebrating the turn of the season by making little changes in my lifestyle and around the house. From spending more time outdoors to doing spring-cleaning, I’m ready to embrace these next few months by elevating my everyday routine. Keep reading to learn about my spring rituals!

Bring Spring into your Home with Plants

This Button Fern is low-maintenance and adds a fresh burst of greenery to my bathroom.

When everything is blooming in the spring time, I embrace the greenery by bringing plants into my home. Since I’m finally getting settled, I’m focusing on curating a plant collection.

Succulents require a lot of sunlight and very little water.

About a month ago, I visited my local plant nursery and fell in love with succulents, ferns, and snake plants. As typical spring weather promises, it was pouring rain outside and everything looked so verdant and vibrant, so I chose a variety of low-maintenance plants.

This Purple Passion plant gives off a rich velvet texture as it flourishes indoors.

Inspired by my gardening blogger pal Shelly, I took home several new species. Now, I am googling and researching as much as I can to provide a comfortable, long-lasting life for my new plants. Wish me luck!

Here is a small plant area I’ve created by my master bath. The poinsettia is still going strong from the holidays and provides a vibrant pop of color in an otherwise neutral space.

Embrace White Flowers and Easter Decor

Displaying freshly-cut daisies in a $5white sea glass vase brings me such springtime joy. There’s something so fresh and clean about all white, don’t you think? Every week, I pick up a bouquet of white daisies or roses from Trader Joe’s. For $5 or less, the blooms last for about 2 weeks. What kind of flowers do you gravitate towards for spring?

Along with white flowers, I pull out my Easter-themed dinnerware to celebrate the season. The bunny-themed plates are from Cracker Barrel, but are a few years old. This watercolor set of 4 plates is similar and adorably on-theme for springtime. Underneath the Easter plates lie the natural straw placemats. I picked these up from World Market for $6 a piece. They provide a neutral backdrop for colorful napkins or dinnerware and go with everything!

Make Your Home Smell Incredible

Hidden Valley Candle

Every spring, I pick up a few new candles in fresh scents, like lemon and lily. I have guests over, I light a Wild Rose and Avalanche Lily candle called “Hidden Valley” after we’ve finished cooking dinner (so the candle scent doesn’t compete with the food). The sweet floral scent fills the room for a candle-lit dinner vibe.

Trader Joe’s Candle | flower vase repurposed from empty Nest Candle

Featured in the photo above, the $4 Lemon cookie-scented candle from Trader Joe’s burns for hours, creating a warm and comforting aroma of warm vanilla and citrus.

Cook Seasonal Fare

In March, I’ve been whipping up St. Patrick’s day fare, like Irish beef stew and cheesy beer bread. For an easy dinner that will impress any guest or partner, throw potatoes,  carrots, onions, stew beef, a splash of red wine, a few cartons of beef stock, and meat seasonings into a large pot and slow cook it for 2 hours. While the beef stew is simmering on the stove, fire up the oven with a beer bread mix (I found a hearty mix at Trader Joe’s). Just pour the mix into a bowl, fold in shredded cheese, pour in a bottle of beer, and drizzle with melted butter. Once the bread has finished baking, serve it with salted butter alongside the beef stew. Pour your guests a generous splash of a red wine blend (my blogger friends Erin and Emily brought me this delicious one called Ménage à Trois) and toast to a hearty feast to celebrate springtime and St. Patty’s Day!

Refresh Your Wardrobe

Swap out black, gray, and leather pieces for whites, pastels, and natural fibers. For example, I trade out my leather bag for a straw tote. The wool scarves hanging in my closet are replaced with chiffon and silk. Lastly, my winter coats are replaced with denim jackets and cotton trench coats. For the best deals, I bargain-hunt at GoodWill and Thred Up. For brand-new spring pieces, I shop the sales at Old Navy, Macy’s, Amazon, and Anthropologie’s sale room.

Stroll Through a Botanical Garden

How gorgeous are these blooms?!

The Cheekwood in Bloom exhibit is in full swing at Cheekwood Estate and Garden in Nashville. If you are in the Nashville area now until April 7th, spend an afternoon walking through the grounds with a friend. The flowers are so incredibly fragrant and colorful that the entire property smells like an intoxicating floral perfume! My husband and I spent a sunny Saturday afternoon at Cheekwood in Bloom and the setting was simply idyllic for a spring day. Even if you don’t have a local botanical garden in your area, take a stroll through your local farmer’s market or plant nursery for a visual feast of springtime flowers.

Decorate your Front Door with Springy Elements

My front door is a heavy wood that needs to be spiced up a bit. Enter: a bright green wreath! My mom gave me this wreath from Hallmark a few years back, but I’ve been eyeing the collection at T.J.Maxx recently. Also, I’ve admired the displays at Kirklands for the last month, but they are much pricier if you are looking for a specific, intricate design.

Here, you can see the massive size of this front door. The green wreath and potted plants break up the dark space.

Besides adding a wreath and door mat, I planted a Boxwood bush and surrounded it with multiple pansies. When choosing the right plant for my front door, I inquired about the amount of of sunlight my plants would need. Since my front door area is shaded by some trees, I made sure to adopt plants that require less sunlight and frequent chilly weather, like a trusty Boxwood and pansies. If you look closely, you can see the pansies starting to bloom!

To Wrap it up…

What are some of your spring rituals? How do you get into the spirit of this lighter, sunnier time of year? Let me know if you do any of these same activities or if you have any suggestions!

2 thoughts on “My Spring Rituals

  1. So proud of you! LOVE all the plants! Great choices and they look beautiful in your home! You’re already doing better than most people by researching their ideal growing conditions. That Purple Passion Plant is a new one for me. So pretty! Love the button fern and your bathroom is gorgeous! GAH! So much to love in this post!

    1. mylipstickletters March 21, 2019 — 2:17 pm

      Aww, YAY! Yes, you truly inspired me to be a plant mom!

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