Her Beauty Behavior: My friend Shelly

On the Spring and Summer edition of Her Beauty Behavior, I’m interviewing Shelly, my friend and blogger of A Garden In Progress. This series is all about asking a friend whom I admire about her lifestyle, hobbies, and beauty routine. Keep reading to learn all about Shelly!

A bit about Shelly…

Shelly is a natural beauty and is always inspiring me to step up my gardening game. As she writes weekly posts about her green thumb endeavors, she is currently teaching math at Hillsboro High School.

Shelly has always been interested in gardening. She even designed her mom’s backyard when she was in middle school, complete with water feature. A couple years ago she became interested in a gardening blog. After finishing her masters in education, she started blogging about what’s blooming in her garden, what a gardener should be doing each month, and tutorials. It had always been her dream to have a house with a garden. She lives in a house in Bellevue with her husband and 2 dogs. She’s been adding more flower beds and moving plants around–and living that dream life (laughs).

What’s your daily skincare routine? You have great skin!

I wash my face with Cetaphil. I got a deal on it with Costco. I use some Roc Retinol Correxion Eye Cream that helps with under-eye bags and use an anti-aging face cream called L’oreal Revitalift Face and Neck cream and apply La Roche-Posay Oil-Free SPF 50 to my face. One of the biggest takeaways from reading beauty articles is all about SPF. For gardening, I use a spray sunscreen SPF 30 because it’s quick. At night, I use L’oreal Revitalift Bright Reveal Brightening Dual Overnight Moisturizer on my face. I also whiten my teeth at night with Opulesence from my dentist–so important because I drink a lot of coffee!

Shelly’s skincare essentials

That’s a dedicated skincare routine. How about your makeup routine?

Most days I don’t wear makeup for a number of reasons. 1) I’d rather sleep 30 more minutes! 2) I don’t feel the need to. I understand wearing it as a way of expressing yourself or a way to make you feel your best, but I’ve just never really been that into it.  When I go out for an event, I wear some. I reach for Maybelline BB cream and Covergirl Lash Blast mascara. On rare occasions, I’ll wear foundation, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick.

Shelly’s BB cream of choice

Great picks. How about your favorite scents or perfume?

I love Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea perfume for daytime and nights out.

Ah, such a classic scent! What beauty tips did you learn from your family?

My mom has always nagged me about wearing sunscreen. So, as annoying as it was growing up, I’m really glad she instilled in me the importance of protecting your skin. She also told me not to pluck to heavily with the brows because hers are really thin now. So, even when thin brows were in style in the 90s, I didn’t pluck too thin, and I’m glad for that! I have a very chill, minimalist, and laid-back approach to beauty just like my mom.

I love that mentality! Describe your approach to hair care.

My hair is naturally curly, so I just let it do its own thing. I usually just use shampoo and conditioner and then Garnier curl cream and let it air dry. I wash it every few days and use Batiste dry shampoo from time to time.

Batiste is a cult-classic dry shampoo

I love the simplicity of your routine. Would you mind sharing your self-care rituals? How do you relax?

I have really been trying to focus more on that this year. My word for the year was actually “self-care” because I have not been making myself a priority. Now, I’ve tried to “say no” more often and not feel obligated to say yes to something out of guilt. Because then I spend a lot of time on something and hate every second that I’m doing it, so saying no to things has helped me create more balance and joy in my life. I love to light a candle and take a bubble bath. I also veg out and watch Netflix. Right now I’m watching Midsomer Murders, a detective drama set in England. And of course, I’m always in a good mood in my garden.

Tell me about your garden. What motivates and inspires you?

 My main goal has been to support pollinators. Most of my plant choices have been plants that flower multiple times and so that something will be in bloom all 12 months of the year. I love having blooms and choose plants that attract bees and butterflies. Along with that, I’ve learned about designing a garden to prevent a sad winter wasteland. Evergreens help brighten up the winter to create an oasis.

How stunning is this photo that Shelly captured in her garden?!

Who are some of your favorite gardeners and why?

Linda Vater @potagerblog – She shares photos and videos from her own garden and gives a lot of gardening tips and garden design ideas

Jennene – @ourgardenstory – She lives in Australia, so I get ideas for upcoming seasons from her. She also has a beautiful collection of standard roses.

Erin Benzakein – @floretflower – She is a flower farmer in Skagit Valley, Washington who has BEAUTIFUL pictures and educates about growing and arranging flowers.

@flourishflowerfarm – Another flower farmer in Asheville, NC who has a beautiful feed and posts about successes and failures they experience.

A Peony that Shelly has been growing in her garden this month.

Tell me about your blog. What are you currently working on?

Right now, I have a post about flowering evergreen plants. I’ve realized the importance of evergreens in my landscape, so I wrote a post about my two treasured and favorite things: evergreens that flower. The best of both worlds! I also have some posts about how to decorate a mailbox with plants, for those who are just getting the into gardening. I’ve been toying around with the idea of blogging about gardening faux pas, like red mulch and how garish it looks! Plastic should never be a barrier.

Thank you so much for sharing about your garden, lifestyle, and beauty routine with us, Shelly! For some gorgeous photos of flowering blooms and gardening tips, go visit and subscribe to Shelly’s blog A Garden in Progress!

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