Arranging Summer Flowers at Home

The other day, my friend Andrea texted me about signing up for a floral arrangement class. She and I are both adventurous women with a zest for trying new things and have been exchanging Pinterest-worthy bouquet ideas in our group chat. When we looked at the price for the class, we both agreed that $60 per person for a flower arranging class was too steep. As a result, we tried our hand at creating our own floral designs at home. Today, I’m sharing some tips we picked up on how to create your own bouquets (2-3 large arrangements) for under $15 total!

How gorgeous is my friend Andrea?! Her hair is perfection and her sweater is too cute for spring!

Tip #1: Buy vases from Goodwill or secondhand

Before we even thought about buying flowers, we gathered up several vases, large and small. Andrea sourced hers from Goodwill while I was lucky enough to score some hand-me-downs from my trusty MIL Peggy. Andrea brought with her a smattering of salt and pepper jars, mason jars, and like-new glass vases. I used some sterling silver vases and glass jugs from my wedding registry. Andrea told me that she paid less than a dollar for some of the vases. What a deal!

Tip #2: Buy flowers from Trader Joe’s

For several DIY arrangements, I paid less than $15 for a cart full of flowers at my local Trader Joe’s. Their selection is very affordable, ranging from $3.99 bouquets to a dozen roses for $6.99! Yep, you read that right!

Andrea and I agreed on purchasing Carnations, Roses, Purple Statice, Freesias, and some fillers, which I talk about below!

Tip #3: Choose a color palette with thriller, filler, and spiller

One of my favorite things I’ve learned from my gardening pal Shelly from A Garden In Progress is the idea of creating an arrangement with 3 important elements: thriller, filler, and spiller

  1. include a flower that thrills, like Roses, Peonies, or Ranunculus
  2. include a flower or plant that fills, like Baby’s Breath, Italian Ruscus, or Leatherleaf Fern
  3. include a flower or plant that spills, like Freesia or Calla Lily
Andrea’s DIY floral arrangement. See how it thrills, fills, and spills?

As for a color palette, Andrea and I recommend choosing 2 colors and supplementing with pops of greenery and white. In order to share more varieties of flowers, we decided on pink and purple blooms.

Don’t these flowers make for a stunning display? Meanwhile, Andrea’s braid is on point!

A few take-aways to consider

*Use the color wheel to arrange contrasting colors that will complement each other and pop, like yellow and purple or pink and green (like our arrangement above).

*Fill your vases with water before you start arranging-it will so much easier to maintain the shape and height.

*Trim and cut off all the leaves and branches that will be submerged in water. This will help your flowers last longer.

*Play around with the height of the flowers by trimming the stems shorter in the front and taller towards the back. This creates depth and visual interest.

Thank you for reading and I hope y’all are having a wonderful June Wednesday! For more summer flower ideas, check out my friend Shelly’s gardening blog, too.

2 thoughts on “Arranging Summer Flowers at Home

  1. I love Trader Joe’s flowers- beautiful arrangements!

  2. I need to try my hand at arranging flowers more often! I never buy vases or pots full price – you can always find them for so much cheaper at estate sales or Goodwill. Great tip!

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