Summer Travel Diaries: Portland, Maine

Every year, my mom and I hop on a plane and travel somewhere new. With Portland, Maine being named Bon Appetit’s 2018 Restaurant City of the Year, my mom and I promptly started planning our June 2019 trip for a week. Between sunshine-filled days in the mid 70s to foggy sunsets with mist that filled the small coastal town, we strolled through the city streets with ease and ducked into restaurants with little-to-no wait time. To sum it up, we had the time of our lives in Portland, Maine! Keep reading to see a photo diary of our best adventures through a week in mid-June!

During the golden hour in Portland in front of Casco Bay, we threw on fresh clothes after a couple flights and headed towards the water for a happy hour at Porthole.
Enjoying our local craft beer, aptly called Sea Dog Sunfish on the wharf side deck at Porthole. We spent an hour dog-watching and dined on the freshest seafood pasta and chowder.
If you are looking for some incredibly fresh seafood, order the New England Clam Bake dish at Eventide Oyster Co. We gobbled up this steaming basket of mussels, shrimp, long-neck clams, lobster, potatoes, and corn. To top it off, we nursed cucumber gin spritzers that were the most vibrant shade of green!
The next morning, we took the most delightful, comprehensive trolley tour up to the iconic Portland Head Lighthouse. With rocky cliffs jutting out towards the sea, this structure is absolutely beautiful in person. Geared up in windbreakers and jeans, we were comfortably dressed for the ocean chill and summer mist.
With fresh seafood on our minds after an action-packed trolley tour, we ordered classic lobster rolls with more Sunfish beer (duh) at Portland Lobster Co. With a slight buzz from the citrusy craft beer, we browsed the many shops along Commerce street and soaked in the overcast sunshine.
Besides taking a land tour up to the famous Portland Head Lighthouse, we joined the locals on the Casco Bay Mailboat Run Ferry. The best $16 you’ll spend in Portland will take you on a ferry that carries passengers, mail, and freight to 5 little islands in Casco Bay. Pack a cranberry pecan chicken salad sandwich from Casco Variety and enjoy the 3 hour ferry around beautiful Casco Bay! Bring a scarf and a windbreaker or sweater–both if you want to be cozy in the frosty wind!
Apparently, Portland is the home of the famous, imaginative potato flour donut at The Holy Donut! This chocolate sea salt donut was moist, cakey, and the right amount of sweet.
If you’re a brunch gal like my mom and me, trek over to Becky’s Diner as early as you can! Seated at the bar, we feasted on a spinach omelette, but were eyeing our neighbor’s choice of the daily special: blueberry and ricotta flapjacks!
During a rainy, chilly morning, we ducked into the coziest tea room called Dobra Tea.
Have you ever tried Masala Chai tea? It’s a spicy tea that pairs well with honey and milk and incredibly comforting to drink on a chilly summer morning in Portland!
We might have coordinated our dinner outfits every night, but we packed wisely! If you visit Portland, Maine in June, be sure to pack lots of light layers, long sleeved t-shirts, half-zip sweaters, scarves, windbreakers, wedges for heels (those cobblestone streets don’t mix well with stilettos), rain gear, and sweaters for early fall weather.
Thanks for reading and I hope this inspires you to visit the New England coast! Mother-daughter trips are what help nurture and sustain my love and friendship with my mom! Are you traveling anywhere this summer? Let me know!

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  1. Hi Jordan, Peter and I have enjoyed your blog about the travel to Portland and specifically the personal pictures of you and your mother. I feel you have done a marvelous job with the description of the places and it has left us wanting to partake in the drinking of the good beer and the delicious looking food. My neighbor is about to visit Portland and I have passed your blog on, I hope that is OK with you. Julianna is a couple of years older than you and also very active with computers. I would not be surprised if she will post remarks to you.
    Peter sends regards,

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