Finds of the Month: November 2019

Hey, friends! Can you believe that it’s already November? Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner and I’ve been enjoying spending my first holiday season fully settled in my new home with Charlie. Last month, I visited the Pumpkin Festival in Milton, WV with my family and picked up a pumpkin-lace table runner. Besides decorating for Fall, I have been busy traveling (hello, Sedona!) and practicing self-care in the form of running (next month, I’ll share some sports-related finds). Besides enjoying Fall decor and getting my pumpkin-spice on, I have rounded up a few of my favorite beauty items and pieces from my closet that have been in constant rotation. Keep reading to see my autumnal finds of the month!

Pumpkin Lace Table Runner

Pumpkin Table Runner: local vendor from Pumpkin Festival (similar)

As I was browsing the Pumpkin Festival vendors with my family in WV, we all came across these pumpkin table runners. As someone who loves entertaining with a festive dining table setup, I had to snag one for my own. This one is similar and priced under $20!

Suede Ankle Boots

Thrifted Boots from Thred-Up

After doing a closet clean-out, I realized that I needed some new boots for the cold weather season. Since I’ve been cutting down on retail shopping, I always rely on checking out my local thrift shops and online thrift sites, like Thred-Up. After a few weeks of browsing on their app, I snagged these $22 suede Marc Fisher ankle booties. I call these my birthday boots because I wore them to work and felt like a million bucks! These boots really pack a punch, so I prefer to wear them to a black tee and black pants, but they also pair well with light denim and a chunky cardigan for weekends.

Tory Burch Eau de Parfum

When my in-laws kindly gifted me a certificate to my happy place (Sephora) for my birthday, I thought long and hard about what to splurge on for myself. Just kidding–I ran to the mall and used the gift card the next day (laughs).

Since I’m perfectly content with my skincare and beauty routine at the moment, I browsed the fragrance section for a new scent. For the last year, I’ve been spritzing on Speakeasy, a patchouli perfume that my husband adores. While I love the way it smells and receive compliments constantly, I tend to tire of a scent after a while. Have you browsed a perfume aisle recently? The selection is overwhelming! To ease my indecisive heart, I treated myself to a $75 perfume sampler of 6 small bottles of fragrance, including this fresh and floral scent by Tory Burch. The sampler set also included a coupon for a full size of one of the six bottles in the set! Consider me impressed with the value! Have you tried this scent before? It reminds me of Clinique’s Happy.

Obagi Vitamin C Serum

Every now and then, I splurge on a skincare item or treatment, like an anti-aging serum or spa facial. Now that I am approaching 30, I am using Vitamin C to reduce fine lines and age spots on my face. I apply a few drops of this citrus-scented oil to my face in the morning and follow-up with SPF 50. Since I’ve been using it every other morning, my skin looks brighter and glows a bit more without using highlighter.

Trader Joe’s Ginger Hand Cream

Ahh, the luxe yet affordable Trader Joe’s hand cream! After squeezing out the last few dollops of my rose-scented hand cream, I picked up this ginger-scented lotion on my last trip to TJ’s. If you are in the market for a new hand cream and enjoy the spicy scent of ginger, treat yourself to this product for $4 a pop!

Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

Apologies for the blurry photo, but look at the lash brush!

I am very late to the party, but I am finally embracing non-drugstore mascara. I was a longtime devotee to $7 Almay mascara, but got sick of buying a new tube every month because it would dry up so fast! Now, I indulge in purchasing a $20 tube of Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara every 3 months. From an aesthetic perspective, the packaging changes with the seasons (see the adorable plaid fabric tube above). As for the formula, it stays glossy and wet during application and dries quickly, yet builds layers easily for more drama for night-time makeup looks.

Disney “Chip and Dale” Backpack

I can’t even tell y’all how happy I am that backpacks are back in style! In preparation for my 10 Year Anniversary Trip to Disney World with Charlie a few months ago, I geared up in Disney swag, including this yellow backpack. Although that one is out of stock right now, I have also been eyeing this Beauty and the Beast backpack. If you are a fan of Disney gear, go check out Box Lunch, if you haven’t already! I love that they cater to adult fans of Disney.

To Wrap it up…

As we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving, I am trying to count my blessings and be thankful for what I currently have. While it’s fun to try new things and products every month, life is more about nurturing relationships and self-care! After recovering from a stomach bug that knocked me off my feet a few days ago, I am thankful for my health today! I hope y’all are having a happy and healthy Sunday!

p.s. Here are some highlights from the Pumpkin Festival with my family!

My mom and stepdad at the 2019 Pumpkin Festival in Milton, WV

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you’ve discovered this month in the comments!

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  1. Love the backpack so much! It’s so cute! I love all the fall decor. Excited to see how you decorate for Christmas.

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